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Mary asks…

How much does it cost all together to build an energy efficient Hot yoga studio?

I want it to be nice, small, 35 x 20ft. I’m thinking Corkboard floors, and an energy efficient way to heat the room. The entire room will need to be heated to 95 degrees during each class, even it’s cold outside. I’ve seen some radiant heat panels mounted on the ceiling designs that I really like. They are effective. Also some beefed up insulating to keep heat in. Cooling is not necessary, and I plan to have three very small windows at the back of the room to let some light in. I want to build it from the ground up. How much?

Yoga Light Exercise Coach answers:

Maybe go with radiant heated floors instead if you are really building it “from the ground up.”

That might be out of your budget range though.

Thomas asks…

Will I lose weight If i’m running, doing slim in 6 and birkham yoga?

Well i’ve started my brand new work out regime, it’s day 3 of it. I wake up in the morning,I run on the treadmil for 30-45 or 60 mins ( whatever i have time for) then i do slim in 6 which is roughly 45 mins of cardio, resistance training with resistance bands, abs etc. and then i end my work out with a 80 min session at my local birkham yoga studio. yoga done in a 105 degree room. Then when i get home from school and work which is at 10pm, i do some light jogging on the treadmil for just 30 mins.

I also eat very small meals and drink tons of water.. do you think i will get very good results if i’m doing this 6 days out of the week.

I’m aiming to lose 15-20 pounds in 6-8 weeks.

do u think with this plan ive made up for myself, i will reach my goal quickly?
i’m 5’2 medium framed 150, 21 years old.
yes i know i’m FAT. my goal is to get back to my original weight of 120. ideally 115-110. but thats ambitious for me right now.. so 120-125 is my goal.


Yoga Light Exercise Coach answers:

You may lose weight, but it won’t be fat unfortunately. The most a body can lose is 2lbs per week of fat. Anymore than that is muscle and water.

Post up your height, weight, age.

you need 2100 calories per day to maintain your current weight. To lose 1lb of fat per week drop down to 1600 calories per day. This will do more for you than all the exercises in the world. I’d also cut back on how much cardio you do. Do it for 2 consecutive days then have a break. Pushing yourself too hard will have negative consequences. Also have shorter times. An hour is heaps for cardio.

For your meals if you don’t reach enough calories per day, you WILL NOT lose weight. Your body will start to hold onto anything it can get, and will use muscle instead of fat for it’s energy sources (this is called a catabolic state and is not good).

Anymore questions pls email me that you’ve updated your question, as i probably won’t be checking it again. Good luck!

David asks…

Whats the best neighborhood to rent in Portland Oregon? What are the price ranges for rentals in these areas?

I am 24 yr old looking for a one bed/2 bedroom apt NOT in an apt complex! Like to be near by fun shops, good restaurants, and (hopefully) a nice yoga studio. Wouldn’t mind be a little further away from those amenities if there was a house with a lot of light, good energy, and a yard:-) Will be living with my boyfriend I’m a massage therapist and he’s a chef. Thanks!!

Yoga Light Exercise Coach answers:

Definitely around NW 23rd. I actually know of a yoga studio right around there, I think it’s called CorePower Yoga.

I’m not sure about the price ranges for rentals.

Nancy asks…

Why aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses allowed to practice yoga?

So I asked my mom to accompany me to a complimentary class of yoga from this studio that just opened by my house. She was completely terrified by the idea and reproached me something along the lines of ‘how I could practice such things in the light of my bible knowledge and the christian upbringing she gave me.’ I was a little confused, even when I was a Jehovah’s Witness I never heard that we couldn’t practice yoga. Now that I no longer attend and don’t consider myself religious, christian, or whatever, I think it’s even sillier the things the organization comes up with to keep people in place. But in all honesty and with no insult intended, can someone tell me why is abhorrent to god’s eyes?????

Yoga Light Exercise Coach answers:

Hi Gabby,

You’ve received some good answers already but I thought I’d add my twopence worth in as well…

As with many activities such as yoga, tai chi, karate etc there are clear physical benefits that can be experienced. However, more often than not, the more you begin to attend, the more you find out that your instructor mixes the physical experience with a spiritual experience as well. There are of course some instructors who do not do this but many do.

Those people who follow monotheistic religions (Jews, Christians, Muslims) all believe that you should worship only one God and should seek Him alone in your spirit. The spiritual aspects of tai chi, yoga, karate and others encourage you to connect with ‘god’ in the way of eastern mysticisms which generally include man’s efforts to become a part of something deeper, something spiritual, something more powerful than the natural. Generally the thrust of such meditations is to empty oneself of everything of who you are to connect with this raw power. This flies in the face of Christian, Jewish and Islamic meditation which involves setting oneself aside to connect with God. What you are seeking is not power which you can manipulate and control but you are seeking someone greater whom you can serve. I know that these two things seem very similar but the reality of the experience is very different and it is these spiritual aspects that the sincere follower of a monotheistic religion wishes to avoid.

Have a read of the wiki article on yoga: and see that it is very tied in to Hindu philosophies which go directly against Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths.

You can, of course, find instructors who teach the physical aspects of such practices without any interest in the spiritual aspects and there ought to be little problem with performing the exercises for exercise sake (although some still disagree with this as well). We know that the stretching exercises of yoga can be good for you and science has shown that such exercises have an emotional benefit as well as physical benefit in that they help alleviate stress, anxiety and other such negative feelings.

Personally, I was involved in Tae-Kwon Do for a long time (less so recently). The instructor that I trained under emphasised the physical aspects of the sport and did not consider it spiritual. The patterns that you perform in this martial art were not intended to worship ancestors or mysticisms but were more intended to instruct the soldiers for whom the art was invented in the history of the Korean nation. Accordingly you can be involved in TKD without any problems. However, I have also known instructors who combine TKD with spiritual exercises intended to connect with a deeper power. These are the instructors I have avoided as a Christian because it was the physical exercise I was seeking and not the spiritual exercise.

I know that there are yoga instructors who are Christian and they do not combine the philosophy with the exercise but rather they divide the two and if they do anything they try to combine Christian meditation with the exercise rather than Hindu meditation. If you want to do yoga with your mum you would probably need to seek out one of these instructors and have the instructor explain how the philosophy is separated from the exercise… But even then she might not be interested because she might not want to compromise her witness to her JW congregation…

I hope this helps to explain why she might not be interested in yoga though… It is not always combined with Hindu philosophy but it also can be and so a Christian would need to be sure of the separation before they became interested in the potential physical and emotional benefits of it.

Paul asks…

I’m 13 and writing a story, does this sound good?

Please be honest! If I ever were to publish (which I highly doubt) I would say this was a teen story.

My summer of finding myself has ended. I promised myself, the last day of 9th grade that this summer would be different. But once again I say something that I never do. I was suppose to become popular, beautiful, find friends, go on exotic vacations and make love on the beach with a tall, dark handsome guy who would fall madly in love with me. I ended up getting up at 10 everyday and watching full house reruns until 3 and then making peace while doing yoga at my mothers yoga studio.
All my life I have always been quiet, shy and on the outside. I have never once had a real friend. Pathetic I know, dont remind me. I have always felt awkward around people my age so when I was in 5th grade, after struggling to find a friend and didnt sucseed, I decided who needs friends. So I no longer talked to anyone. But now, being 15 with no friends, no life, absolutly no one besides a crazy yoga obsessed mother, I’m kinda on the verge of lonlyness and may become crazy.
Don’t get me wrong its not like im major ugly or fat with tons of moutains of acne on my face. I probably look like exactly what 50% of the world looks like. Light brown hair, green eyes, fair skin…blah blah blah. Boring is the word.
So yes, I am a freak who has no friends and is going into 10th grade.Once again, how pathetic is that?
“Wes, I mean it I have to leave in 20 minutes and if your not ready I am leaving without you. You will have to walk to school.” My mom yelled down the hall to me.
Today, is the first day of 10th grade and I, a girl with no friends, am scared. Scared actually isnt the right word, I am terrified, horrified, frightened…you get it. You must be thinking, why is she scared now when she has been going to school for 10 years without any friends? Well I never really cared about what people thought of me, but now I do. All I want is someone to notice me, and not for being weird, or wearing the wrong clothes.
So thats why I have been up since 5 o’clock trying to find the perfect outfit. I tryed casual, dressy, pretty much everything in my closet. Which, is hardly anything because I never use to care how I looked.
My mom walks down the hall to my room and leans against the doorway.
“Wes, what are you doing?” My mom sighed while buttoning a white blouse.
“What does it look like? I’m trying to find something decent to wear.” I said gesturing to all the clothes I threw on my bed.
“Just put on something fast because we have got to go in-” she looked at her Fossil watch “10 minutes.”
“Arg! You don’t get it. I don’t have ANYTHING to wear.” I yelled. I haven’t told my mom my plan on finding friends. She would’nt care or understand. She doesnt even seem to notice I have none.
“Since when do you care what you wear? God damn-it Wes, I don’t have time for this. Greg has been up my *** about getting this story in on time and its due in exactly one hour, so If you want me fired then…” My mom is a workaholic, obsessed yoga instructer and a always on a diet woman. Greg is her gay boss who seems nice to me but I guess has a mean side. I can’t picture someone gay being rude though….no offence.
“WES, are you listeing to me? Put something on now and meet me in the car. I have to drop this off at the mailbox.” She snaps, holding up an envelope. Probably a letter to her sister, my aunt. Who we haven’t seen for about 2 years. Mom and aunt Jenna got in a huge fight about something that I’m “to young to know about.” And now mom is trying to get back in contact with her.
“Okay, okay jeez.” I yell. Today I am in the yelling mood. My mom is not helping this nervous day by her sudden mood swings.

Yoga Light Exercise Coach answers:

Haha. Its okay !! Have a teacher or something go over it for you; to make sure theirs no mistakes (;

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