Your Natural Guide to Organic Yoga Wear

Your Natural Guide to Organic Yoga Wear

Article by Phoenix Delray

Organic yoga wear has become some of the most popular clothing for relaxation, meditation, and routines for many different reasons. The organic cotton that most of the clothing is made of has been used for centuries, and for a while in the 20th century the cotton became overly treated with toxins, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Once people began to realize the damage that could be done by those chemicals, the green movement and the shift towards organic yoga wear began.

The demand for natural cotton that is free of the negative chemicals is increasing across the globe, and the quest for environmentally friendly clothing, machines, and production methods is also catching on fast.

Even though it is difficult to see the nasty toxins that are used on yoga wear that is not organic, think about this: In many Third World cotton growing countries, a full 1/3 lb. of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used for every one pound of cotton that is produced! The amount of chemicals that is used to produce one cotton t shirt has damaging and long lasting effects on the environment, and with yogis being at the forefront of peace, inner harmony, and calmness, it is no wonder that organic yoga wear is almost a staple for participation in exercises!

Many of the toxins that are used on regular non organic crops are cancer causing agents, and they can leave a harmful residue on the skin that can cause everything from allergic reactions to skin conditions to respiratory distress. Naturally grown crops are not processed with anything that is carcinogenic, so these things are much easier on the skin and also on the environment. Although these natural items are often a bit more expensive than their chemically treated counterparts, people who buy them say it is certainly worth the extra cost to know that they are being ecologically responsible and healthy.

Soil is considered to be organic when there have been no chemicals of any kind used on it or on its crops for at least three years, or three growing seasons. It instead needs to be enriched with fertilizers that are natural, such as compost and manure. The supply and demand of organic cotton clothing production has increased by five times in the last five years, and a good portion of that clothing is the yoga wear. More farmers are reaping the incentives and the benefits that come with farming in ecologically responsible ways, and with their lands not being soaked with all of the chemicals their environment is healthier for their families as well. The benefits of supporting the growers of natural cotton reach far beyond the clothing itself, and even beyond the value of organic yoga wear!

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