Your Body Type Can Determine an Effective Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Your Body Type Can Determine an Effective Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Article by Suzanna Hardaway

If you are looking for the best weight loss exercise plan to lose weight, dieting and exercise may work. But if you are not doing the right exercises according to your body type, you may find it difficult to lose weight despite all of your efforts. Some people go on a diet believing that cutting back on food will help them lose weight.

Some people workout regularly and find it hard to lose weight. Part of the reason is because they fail to set up exercise and diet plans that conform to their body types. To start any exercise routine and diet plan, you have to know your objective first.

If you plan to set up a weight loss exercise plan to lose weight then you will need to consider your body type to discover the amount of weight you can lose comfortably without causing harm to your body.

Specialists, such as Dr. William H. Sheldon, claim that our internal organs and body type play a huge role in our exercise choice. The doctor claims that “soma types” include three basic body types that we all must consider to determine what results develop from exercise. The most common include Mesomorph and Ectomorph types. The third type is the Endomorph.

According to the doctor, Endomorph types have larger bone structure. They tend to have oversized bones, a spherical face, bulky trunk, and a large degree of fat, especially in the midsection.

The Ectomorph typically has a normal shape with longer limbs. These people are often taller, and have slender lines and shoulders. These people find it hard to gain weight. The Mesomorph typically has lower body fat. Usually the shoulders are broad, the chest is large, and the waist is slender. This type is said to do best in muscle building exercises.

Body types should always be considered before setting up an exercise plan because it takes into account your emotional makeup, values, metabolism, toxemia, motivation, requirements, and thought processes.

Once you figure out what type of body you have it becomes easier to stay physically fit. You can maintain good health. According to researchers, the presence of various body types simply demonstrates that we all are unique. Heredity also plays a part in our exercise planning. Scientific research has shown us in the past that the endocrine system and its baselines are unique in both animal and human forms, which includes our behaviors and functions.

Endocrine glands and the soma types both relate to nutrients and heredity, which according to Dr. Sheldon explains why some people have a hard time gaining weight. Now that you have a basic idea about body types, you can set up a weight loss exercise plan that works for you.

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