Yoga To Keep Safe And Enjoy A Healthy Pregnancy

Yoga To Keep Safe And Enjoy A Healthy Pregnancy

Article by Mike Greaves

Yoga is as scholars have stated immensely helpful for health purposes. What medical science cannot achieve, can be treated by Yoga. Yoga in pregnancy is highly advantageous; intensification part of the body is where the yoga routine is centered around. Prenatal yoga is planned in such a way that it toughens and strengthens the body, alleviate it of all muscular and cerebral tensions while also helping it train for childbirth. Yoga during pregnancy can be highly useful if practiced well and regularly. Beginners (Non-yogis or women trying yoga for the first time) must speak with their doctor before they start with Yoga as it may affect their body. Yogis or Women who usually practice yoga should carry on with few safe and recommended asanas as per the requirements of the body and which trimester it is.

Yoga makes bodies flexible enabling it to adapt to diverse positions during labour and the ligaments more expandable, which in turn helps reducing labour pain. Yoga helps in boosting circulation and also helps with fluid retention. The stretching exercises reduce aches and pains.

Yoga also improves posture and eases back problems (common in pregnant women). Not only during pregnancy, has Yoga also proved beneficial after pregnancy. Postnatal yoga (can be started after six weeks of childbirth) make abdominal muscles stronger and the pelvic floor.

Asanas are positions and performing them regularly improves flow of blood so keeps the body hydrated. Try not to strain or pressure much on the belly and back part. If fatigue, as many pregnant women experience, is keeping your away from exercising, organizing a routinely yoga practice with fellow pregnant women will be a good idea. Starting out with basic Breathing exercises and stretching out of pelvic muscles will be beneficial. Balance asanas should be strictly avoided especially during the second trimester. Avoid holding the same position or pose/asana for too long and always perform align postures under a supervision or with help.

Virabhadrasan(Warrior pose) and Vraksasana(Tree Pose) are very useful for blood circulation and backache. Practicing Baddha Konasana helps in lessening the pain in the pelvic area. Meditation is a major part of the yogasan routine. It gives the mind inner tranquility, synchronizes the nervous system, harmonizes the mind, alleviates it of anxiety, phobias, high blood pressure, breathlessness and insomnia etc. Most importantly, breathing exercise help in strengthening and preparing the body for easy delivery while also building body’s stamina and vitality. Yogasan and Meditation relaxes the body and the mind.

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