Yoga Stress Management

Yoga Stress Management

Article by Rene Graeber

There are several ways that one can do to fight stress. Most people go through stress management programs, while some opt to do the simpler “stress-reducer” strategies such as exercise, healthy activities, and enjoyable hobbies. One great way of managing stress is through the oldest distinct practice of “self development”, Yoga.

Yoga involves classic methods of breathing controls, ethical disciplines, physical postures, and meditation. Originally an Eastern practice, yoga today is increasingly becoming well-liked in the West, especially with the seen benefits of healthier and more relaxed people who practice it. Yoga stress management is now becoming a brilliant and exceptional way for handling stress both physically and emotionally.

Yoga stress management has several benefits including lessened stress, lower blood pressure, sound sleep, reduced muscle and anxiety tension, increased flexibility and strength, helps smoking cessation, weight loss, and improved health conditions.

Compared to other stress reduction ways, yoga stress management combines a number of techniques used to reduce stress; it is said to provide the mixed benefits of fitness programs, stretching exercises, breathing exercise, guided imagery, and meditation practice all in one method. With those with physical limitations however, simply doing meditation, breathing exercises, or guided imagery is still a preferable option that provides the same benefits.

Yoga stretching exercisesSince a “stressed” individual generally has an increased muscle tone, the elaborate stretching exercises of yoga helps reduce the muscles tone thus enhancing an individual’s ability to relax.

Yoga breathing exercisesComplex breathing-control techniques in yoga, called pranayamas, help “breathe awareness” in an individual oftentimes when one feels fear or anger, the breathing patterns change, making it rapid and shallow. Through breath awareness, one can influence the conscious mind positively, and reducing the stimulation in the “autonomic nervous system” thus the person tends to relax.

Guided ImageryThe principle behind this practice for reducing stress is that one can use their imagination to enjoy and recreate a very relaxing situation. The more intense the relaxing image is imagined, the more the experience becomes relaxing.

MeditationMeditation affects the body oppositely to how stress affects the body. This practice restores the body to a state of calmness, helping it repair itself and prevent damage caused by the effects of stress.

Almost everybody can observe the physical benefits of yoga stress management; but also equally important to a lot of people, especially those who encounter overwhelming stress every day, are thankful to the psychological benefits that yoga provide, such as a good sense of well-being, peaceful mind, and feeling of lightness.

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