Yoga Selections

Yoga Selections

Article by Amelia Sherman

among countless fitness routines, the trend of yoga is fast catching up. If you too are intending to take up yoga; you have a spread of options to styles and strategies to select from. Following is a list of well-known yoga styles and techniques that you could opt for.

The most common and preferred yoga is doubtlessly the Hatha Yoga. It’s easy and it is extremely well suited for beginners. This particular style includes postures which are gentle and do not overtax the body. They are usually slow-paced which makes them even easier for beginner’s to pick up.

If you would like to bid adieu to the unwanted pounds, it is advised to switch to ashtanga yoga. It is one of the best measures to shed weight. This yoga style is practiced at a very rapid pace to render the specified weight loss results. Ashtanga yoga is a very intense yoga method comprising of a variety of poses. These poses are so formulated that they have to be practiced in the similar way always. A note of caution for this form is that it’s not reserved for beginners. Only after you have practice yoga for long, you can go for this yoga style.

In the present times, another form of yoga which is quickly turning into preferred is power yoga. In fact a lot many stars can be seen practicing this sort of yoga these days. This style of yoga is comparable in idea to that of ashtanga yoga. This form of yoga too is very challenging. It is for this that such yoga form is to be practiced in a very fast manner. This yoga form is dissimilar form ashtanga yoga too. In power yoga there is no definite yoga postures and movements that are there in ashtanga yoga.

One more preferred yoga styles these days is Iyengar yoga. A major share of yoga forms and styles lay accent on movements. However, this form of yoga highlights the importance of body alignment. This style of yoga the right alignment of body while performing different yoga poses. Such target body alignment offers dual advantages. On one hand it increases the advantages that yoga is known to offer. On the other hand it decreases the likelihood of any injuries that one might face while practicing yoga. In this yoga style every posture is held for long to correct the alignment of the body.

For those forecasting increase their mental awareness and calmness, kundalini yoga is the best chance. This yoga form focuses on establishing sync between your breath and assorted yoga poses. It permits you to focus on your breath and assorted other body parts. It also helps you explore the effects of breath on varied yoga postures.

As well as the above discussed yoga styles, there are a variety of other yoga styles too that you can select. A number of these yoga styles are anusara yoga, Forrest yoga, bikram yoga, kripalu yoga, jivamukti yoga and plenty more. You can choose your pick and go in for any of the forms depending on the advantages you need to avail.

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