Yoga Positions For Beginners: Go Slowly And Gradually

Yoga Positions For Beginners: Go Slowly And Gradually

Article by Yogi Ashanti

It’s always hard to remember that all of us were beginners at yoga one day. After years of doing yoga it’s hard to remember how far you’ve come until you see someone you come into class was trying yoga for the first time. Many of us are teachers and we’ve all worked with new students and one thing common among the mall is that the very ensure themselves. Keep in mind, this is very normal. You’ve made a great choice in choosing to come to class and westward yoga class and it’s our job to make you feel comfortable and teach you yoga positions for beginners.

Being in yoga class is already a huge start

When you first come to a yoga class don’t be afraid asked questions or at least inform the instructor that you’re new to this practice. I think common among all yoga classes should be a very welcoming attitude. If you yoga class or instructor don’t do their best to make you feel comfortable in this new environment you should look elsewhere.

Many times a new students come to class for the first time they want to skip all the yoga positions for beginners and jump right into the more advanced stuff. This is a mistake. If you push yourself too hard the beginning u will become very frustrated and lose interest in yoga altogether. We want you to grow and learn slowly so your body has time to adjust and you have time to learn all the positions in the slow and steady manner. Don’t get in the spirit of competition with your classmates. Many of them have been practicing yoga for several years. Instead of competing with them, learn from them. There is no destination in yoga only a lifelong journey. We are all slowly getting better every time we come to class. Take your time and learn to enjoy.

Another reason to take your time and go slow and learn yoga positions for beginners instead of jumping right into the advanced stuff is that you need to learn to listen to your body. The sound strange to those who are new to yoga. But if we break it down all it really means is learning where your body is tight, where it is loose, how far you can stretch, and maybe even where you start to feel a little pain. If ever we are doing yoga and you start to feel pain listen to that feeling and slow down. There should be no yoga position that causes you paying. Take your time stretch of little more each time soon or later you will get the position correct there is no hurry.

Much about learning yoga like learn anything new is about taking an attitude of patients and interests, no different than running any other new skill. It’s not about becoming a master overnight is about creating a practice, a regular practice, but you can continue at a regular pace week in and week out. The benefits of yoga are amazing. You’ll feel better. You look better. You’ll be more flexible. You’ll need a wonderful new group of people. And before you know it, you’ll be the one helping the new students learn yoga positions for beginners.

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Yogi Ashanti has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and has been a student of yoga many years more than that. His blog can be found at Here you’ll find all kinds of information about yoga, yoga positions, yoga for beginners, eating for yoga, and a general yoga lifestyle.

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