Yoga Is Fun And Great For Your Health

Yoga Is Fun And Great For Your Health

Article by Ben Pate

Yoga teachers at many San Diego yoga studio locations are touting the benefits of yoga for seniors. Yoga is of benefit to everyone but especially for those over 65.

Retired seniors are enjoying their leisure years, taking up new hobbies and just relaxing. While free time is one of the joys of the golden years, it’s also the time when old age starts to wreck havoc and the body succumbs to a variety of ailments. Those include high blood pressure, arthritis and unfortunately, incontinence. Exercise is the number one thing seniors can do to stop the onset of these afflictions and yoga is a very mild exercise with exceptional benefits.

The movements in yoga are very slow and gentle. They can be adapted to a senior’s specific needs and abilities. They may still have a good range of motion or be quite stiff if the body hasn’t moved in several years. Yoga does not only improve fitness levels, it creates a peaceful and serene state of mind. Because it encourages relaxation, it helps control certain emotional problems that seniors can suffer from. Yoga creates a positive outlook in older people.

Amazingly, yoga has reduced blood pressure in seniors which in term normalizes the heart and deficiencies of the nervous system. Breathing is an integral part of the practice of yoga, helping older people release stress. Breathing techniques can exercise the airways which decreases the probability of acquiring respiratory diseases.

The benefits of yoga are much greater than the small amount of effort that seniors must put into it. The output/input ratio is heavy on the input side, with researchers discovering more benefits to this gentle activity every day. Among the growing list of benefits is improved sleep, bone loss prevention, speedier recovery times post surgery, more efficient digestion, increased joint movement, improved balance and a reduction in swollen joints. Inevitably, the practice of yoga would greatly reduce falling which is frequently the beginning of the end for many old people.

Grieving the loss of a husband or wife is a difficult aspect of old age. Yoga can’t ease the pain but it will produce a more positive outlook on life which may help a senior cope with loss and grieving in a more healthy way.

Movements for seniors, whatever their current physical state, can easily be adapted by a San Diego yoga practitioner. It’s never too late for a senior to move their body in an attempt to slow aging down. Yoga can be a peaceful, stress free experience.

Once a person hits 65, their flexibility may be greatly impaired. In an attempt to stretch too far a senior may find yoga very uncomfortable. It’s important for seniors to listen to their bodies as they move it in new ways and to know the body’s limits. When practiced properly, yoga will help seniors achieve that degree of health and vitality while reaching for a positive outlook on life.

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There are instructors at San Diego Beginner Yoga Classes who are qualified to work with seniors and their specific needs. Some practitioners will visit nursing homes and attend to the specific Local Yoga Classes needs of the elderly.

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