Yoga Is For Everyone – Women, Men, Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Homemaker, Or Athlete

Yoga Is For Everyone – Women, Men, Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Homemaker, Or Athlete

Article by Bob Gaffee

Yoga is a 5,000 year old exercise system that works to improve your overall health and well-being. If you talk to any yoga instructor, you will hear the phrase, be in harmony with yourself and your environment. Yoga enforces the use of your total being; mind, body, and spirit. Through yoga exercises, you learn to stimulate the organs within your abdomen, improve the circulation throughout your body, and apply pressure upon the glandular areas of the body. All of this coupled with specific breathing and meditation techniques, gives you the ability to focus on your surroundings and feelings.

There are many aspects of yoga, but one of the good things is that yoga is an exercise regimen that anyone can practice. It does not matter how old you are, or young and it certainly does not matter if you are male, female, rich, poor, homemaker, or professional athlete. Yoga is an ancient practice that benefits every age and body. For women, practicing yoga can help in weight loss, muscle building, and toning. One excellent benefit of yoga is that women can even practice the art while pregnant. Yoga has been proven to prepare the muscles used most during birth and aid in breathing preparation for labor.

Men often think that yoga is only for women – this is just not true. Yoga works to reduce every day stresses, enable men to relax, and help increase levels of power, flexibility, and stamina. Seniors benefit from yoga as well, often times the art of yoga will aid in improvement of ones attention span and memory. Yes, yoga is even beneficial for children, the exercises aid in strengthening their growing bones, improves blood circulation and breathing methods, as well as being a relaxing and calming form of exercise.

Yoga has many benefits and aids in improving a wide variety of health issues. People who practice yoga improve their overall health and lifestyle while experiencing better memory, more stamina, and a sturdier balance. Yoga is a form of therapy for a variety of ailments and afflictions such as high blood pressure, circulation problems, arthritis, breathing disorders, and many others.

There are 6 basic types of yoga: Hatha, Bhakti, Raja, Jnana, Karma, and Tantra. We will touch on a few of these and explain what these areas involve.

Tantra involves using specific rituals to find the sacred aspect in every part of your life. Many people hear Tantra and think of sex, while this is a part of it, sex is not the entire aspect of this form of Yoga.

Jnana involves using the mind and focusing on intelligence, wisdom and gaining knowledge.

Karma is an area of yoga that believes that your actions are a direct reflection on things you have done in the past. It promotes doing selfless service and freeing yourself from a negative and selfish future.

As you can see, yoga touches a wide variety of health and life aspects.

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