Yoga Instructor: Choosing the Right

Yoga Instructor: Choosing the Right

Article by Bertil Hjert

Yoga is a form of exercise that includes several asanas (postures). It was discovered in ancient age in India. With time and age, this form of exercise has attained immense fame. In fact, the whole world is curious to learn this form of art that is invincible and can easily cure most of the serious ailments.

Whether it is weight loss, keeping good levels of blood sugar, controlling cholesterol levels, eliminate toxins from the body or fighting heart diseases, yoga would solve all your problems.

Practicing yoga is a complicated process. In order to ensure complete benefit, it is important to make sure that one is performing the exercise in a correct form. For this, you need to trust a yoga instructor.

Choosing a good one is a crucial decision. Here is information on how to choose the best yoga instructor for yourself irrespective of the subject; a skilled and experienced person can bring out the best in you.

It is utmost beneficial to join a Yoga class. Particularly when it comes to learning certain challenging poses.

Remember that in the process of learning yoga, the guru-shishya (teacher-student) relationship plays an important role. It may not be easy to analyze the abilities of an instructor, especially if you are a beginner.

Here are some guidelines you should follow in order to choose the right teacher for yourself:

a) Knowledge

These days, yoga instructors are certified. A skilled and experienced teacher will have full and detailed knowledge on yoga. Remember that one cannot learn yoga from videos or books. The knowledge of this ancient form of art needs practice.

b) Conversation

Try to have a conversation with your prospective coach. Assess whether you like them or not. Some of the skilled and veteran teachers believe in integrating the Dharma talks in to the class. While others love to keep the chanting at the end, so what to you actually prefer. Make a choice based on your preference.

c) Explanation

An experienced and skilled coach will explain you about all the important postures prior to demonstrating. The instructor will explain you why a particular posture needs to be practiced and the benefits it provides. This will allow you to learn the best.

d) Demonstration

You need to see whether the yoga teacher demonstrates yoga clearly to you. See to it, how this instructor demonstrates each posture and teaches you.

e) Good assistance

A good instructor will assist you with the posture and help you to know whether you are doing it correctly. This will also help you avoid facing certain complications.

f) Time for relaxation

It is very important to start a yoga class with meditation and end it with relaxation to achieve maximum benefits. Meditation helps in preparing your body for the most difficult pose. A good relaxation technique will help you bring your body back to neutral.

Finally, the best way to find a good yoga coach is to trust word-of-mouth. If an instructor is really good, he or she would be liked by the students and the fame will be spread worldwide.

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