Yoga in Harvard Square

Yoga in Harvard Square

Article by Glen Wood

Recognizing the benefits of yoga, people are now searching for credible yoga studios. While many offer programs on yoga through Internet, it is best to have a personal instructor to guide you through yoga practice. This is because many stunts and postures of yoga can lead to further pain and, worst, injury.

At Yoga in Harvard Square, you can enjoy yoga practice at its maximum because you need not worry about your safety. Located at the heart of Harvard Square, the studio offers comprehensive yoga classes and varied yoga styles and stunts, each suits different ages and body needs.

Yoga both enhances the physical strength and mental focus. The core characteristic of yoga includes proper breathing, postures, and meditation. Several studies have revealed how yoga relieves body pains particularly back, shoulder, and neck pains. Proper breathing is accompanied with postures to enhance circulation of the blood while increasing physical stamina. Postures are set of sequences–stretching for example–that keeps the body in shape. Meanwhile, meditation refreshes and calms the mind.

Portia Brockway, a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, founded the Yoga in Harvard Square. Brockway conducts six classes a week for both regular yoga and pregnant women practitioners – prenatal and postnatal stage. Classes at Yoga in Harvard are small, thus sufficient attention is given to each student, either a beginner or experienced. Before beginning the first class, the studio orients its students on several aspects of yoga that will guide them what set of sequences they might want to pursue.

The ancient origin of yoga came from India through Hinduism practice. Aside from physical exercise, a yoga practice includes diet and meditative routines. However, the physical exercise minus its spiritual origin is widely adapted in the West. Today, yoga is known as an alternative medication to stress and back pain. It is also an advisable exercise to expectant mothers for flexibility enhancement.

As was said earlier, yoga in the west didn’t have much spiritual origin, it is now much different depending on the ‘types’ of yoga practiced. One could say that Anusara yoga, which means follow the heart is of spiritual origin. It takes you to your heart and you therefore follow and express what you feel in your heart – whatever level you are at.

Allow yourself to ‘be’, and enjoy where you are, experience the ‘moment’. Are you in tune with your true self by expressing what you feel in the pose? Are you inspired, in spirit?

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