Yoga Holidays in Rishikesh

Yoga Holidays in Rishikesh

Article by Neeraj Chandra

Yoga – the ancient spiritual practice, and at the same time, physical activity, accessible even to those who are contraindicated in traditional areas of fitness. According to adherents of this school, regular classes – a pledge of longevity and eternal youth and inner harmony. In short, yoga – a way of life. For those who adhere to it, there are special clothes, shoes, cosmetics and, of course, their routes of travel.

Each month, in different corners of the globe are a variety of retreats, festivals and yoga courses. Typically, they choose the place of the picturesque nature and extraordinary energy, often far from large cities. Meditating and doing breathing exercises under the guidance of an instructor on a deserted beach at dawn or in the meadow in the mountains, you can get rid of accumulated stress and gain strength for many months to come.Directions Yoga

Beginners for the first time in his life interested in yoga, usually run away from the eyes of the diversity of occupations. It is important to remember that they are not mutually exclusive: you can rotate and combine dynamic class with relaxing and breathing practice with meditation. Once you will have some experience of yoga, the body will tell you that he needs at this time. In all cases, there are simple rules: no one type of yoga should not be engaged on a full stomach, or in a stuffy room, should not perform the asanas (yoga positions) to rhythmic music, and in the critical days women should avoid inverted positions.

Hatha yoga. The most calm and suitable for all without exception, the direction of yoga. The classes of hatha yoga can learn the correct posture during the execution of asanas, learn how to maintain balance. You can then move on to other types of yoga … And you can always fall in love with Hatha yoga.

Kundalini Yoga. The essence of Kundalini Yoga to awaken dormant energy within the body and learn to manage it. For this purpose not only asanas and breathing exercises that are performed for the most part with his eyes closed, but the mantra.

Ashtanga Yoga. This is the most dynamic form of load of asanas come and go quickly, and the right technique for this has not been canceled. Catching up on Ashtanga yoga, you can tighten the muscles of all groups, improve the stretch and endurance, and even lose weight.

Pranayama. Actually, pranayama is not a separate area of ​​yoga – all sorts of breathing practices are present in any form of yoga. But if you are traveling to a class at a health club or yoga center, ready to breathe so as not previously ever breathed. The asanas in this case are in the first place position in which the performance of breathing exercises more effectively. Improved circulation and, consequently, oxygen supply to the brain – only one of the many advantages of Pranayama.Yoga Tours

To understand that, in fact, represent a yoga tours, and for whom they are suitable, Redigo asked a few questions to Oleg Makarov, a teacher Yoga Federation. As it turned out, no special training or astronomical sums will be required.

Is it possible to start with yoga travel or necessarily need training?

Good acquaintance with yoga is a journey – so you can achieve total immersion. Classes are held twice a day rather than once every three days. The teacher is always at hand, you can ask him questions to clarify the meaning of new terms.

Yoga Tour – a yoga from morning till evening?Typically, classes are held twice a day in my group are from 5.00 to 8.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00. The rest of the trip participants can relax on the beach, go on trips, surfing or diving – depending on location. All day long we are doing yoga, only three days of seminars near Moscow.

What is the geography of the tours? How to choose the place – is it required that there was a yoga center?

We come “with his yoga,” so free to choose their seats. Geography is wide – Egypt, Altai, India, Nepal, Greece, Peru. Usually this is a place away from the traditional tourist centers, so that no one distracted from studies.

At what cost yoga tours?

There are budget options. For example, the weekly trip to Egypt (Dahab) Can cost $ 1,000, along with the flight. And for the next New Year’s Eve we go to India, where at first we just do it, and then toured the country – five days of the union of four cities, including Delhi and Rishikesh. On a two-week trip will spend about $ 3,000.

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