Yoga gurus & studios of New York City

Yoga gurus & studios of New York City

Article by Anna Lily369

New York City is the most vibrant city of the world with endless list of activities that you could do. Life in New York City is very busy, so having any kind of regular exercise is essential to stay healthy. Yoga is one of the most sought after relaxing form of exercise. Millions of yoga master and studios in New York City are a clear indication of this fact. Levitate located in Midtown Manhattan, is New York City’s most tranquil studios with Asian decorations and draping! The place has no dress code, so you can come here and practice Yoga in complete peace, serenity and concentration. New York Magazine named OM Yoga as the best center of 2007. The place is run by world famed yoga teacher–Cindy Lee. Classes here are mostly Vinyasa but they offer Hatha yoga lessons as well. For beginners, the studio offers special lessons. Most advertised and publicized yoga studio of New NYC is Bikram at Union Square. The studio has huge numbers of followers. This is the best New NYC yoga studio where you will find challenging and most rigorous yoga lessons!Located amongst the most stressed out area of New York City—Reflections provides an easy opportunity to the working class to take a break and relax out their muscles! Reflections Yoga is proud host of Teacher Training Programs & Retreats, Yoga Holidays & Vacations in Honduras, Costa Rica, India, Guatemala and New York City with special Yoga classes and workshops. If you simply want to let go of it all and have fun doing Yoga then attend one class by Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus! She is unlike any of other masters–more like a friend and helper. If you have some yoga practice, then definitely attend one of Cyndi Lee of OM Yoga. She is first yoga master to have introduced a combination of and Buddhism. Other masterful gurus of New NYC include names as Shannon Gannon and David Life from Jivamukti Yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra of Dharma Yoga Center including a number of various studios.

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