Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners

Article by Young Martinez

Yoga is a very mild form of exercise when compared to other endurance sports, however that doesn’t mean that it is any easier on your body. Beginning runners can really struggle when starting a yoga routine. Beginner exercises need to be performed with many cautions because any ill placed limbs or any improper movements can cause injury that could have an impact on your training. Most people that start yoga should find a program that teaches them 10-15 basic postures that they can learn to master over time. Anything more than that might be difficult for the beginner to achieve. Once you have mastered a handful of basic postures, then you should be able to pick up more advanced techniques from there.Beginning yoga requires extraordinary patience and concentrated effort. A trained professional should be able to guide a beginner on the initial steps to achieving full and proper poses. As a runner, you are probably already mildly flexible, so yoga might not be as difficult for you as it would be for someone else. A beginner should also keep the time factor in mind before attempting yoga running postures for the first time. In order to assure effectiveness and prevent injury, the durations of any single asana should be accurately and shortly timed.As the routine develops, the beginner can expand into full length poses. Food regulations and restrictions should be observed during the training. Beginning to learn poses on an empty stomach would be very beneficial. The spaciousness and ventilation of the location of performance of yogasanas can also have a very important role in aiding properly customized poses. This is especially true for runners, who need to learn how to eat on the go and effectively metabolize foods. Once you have mastered yoga on an empty stomach, then you can move towards doing yoga with a full stomach to more closely simulate running.The clothes a person would wear while training for yogasanas should be loose and comfortable with enough ventilation. Although for some, sweating during yoga is not common, for most of us you can expect to sweat mildly until your body learns to adapt. When it comes to yoga for runners, leg exercises and core exercises are the most common beginner yogasanas. To learn more about the benefits of yoga for runners, visit the Yoga for Runners blog.You might also enjoy these sites:Yoga for RunnersYoga for Runners

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