Yoga For Fertility: Benefits And Best Positions

Yoga For Fertility: Benefits And Best Positions

Article by Joseph E Conrad

Should you be considering trying yoga for fertility, or wanting to know how to adapt your yoga training to increase your chances of conceiving, then there are some things that you ought to know.

Most couples nowadays spend years, sometimes even decades, taking steps to prevent being pregnant. It can then be a surprise when they stop using birth control and don’t right away get pregnant. But in fact, this is not unusual.

The typical young couple with no fertility difficulties normally take four or five months to conceive. For an more mature couple, it often takes longer. It is only if you have not gotten pregnant following a year of trying, that your physician will concerned that you may have fertility issues.

Yoga exercises for fertility is something that you can do in the intervening months, if it is premature to see your physician or if she or he is not taking your concerns seriously yet.

Yoga is usually considered to be a method of relaxation, at least in the western world. In Asia it is often regarded as a spiritual practice, as well as having overall health benefits. But in North America, Europe and other Western countries it is seen primarily as a physical practice, increasing flexibility and relaxing muscles by stretching them. Simultaneously, it can also help with emotional tension and stress.

It is this stress lowering aspect that leads many people to recommend yoga for fertility. Stress can often play a role in infertility, especially with what is known as “unexplained infertility”. This implies infertility with no clear cause. Both partners are healthy and there is no apparent problem with their reproductive systems. Ovulation occurs on schedule and the male’s sperm count is normal. Nevertheless there is no baby on the way.

In most cases, it is the woman who will practice yoga for fertility. It can be beneficial for fellas too, but understand that it is not going to reduce anybody’s stress levels if one spouse feels pressured into a yoga routine that doesn’t interest them. If your partner is unwilling, there are other relaxation methods that might work better for them, such as sporting activities, meditation or working out at the health club.

Once you have mastered a general beginner yoga program to increase flexibility and decrease stress, you can join in with the more advanced yoga students to concentrate on specific poses that may have an impact on fertility. Yoga for fertility poses are those that can help you relax and open up the abdominal region and pelvis, and stimulate blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Some of the yoga for fertility positions that you may want to incorporate into your routine are:

Legs Up The Wall (Viparitakarani)

This has some of the benefits of inverted poses (headstand or shoulder stand) without the possible negative effects of having the hips raised high. Lie on your mat face up with buttocks against a wall and legs positioned up the wall. You can do this pose while having your period as long as hips are maintained level with the torso.

Open Angle Forward Bend (Upavisthakonasana)

Seated on the floor, stretch the legs out, wide open. Lean forward maintaining a straight back until you feel the stretch in the hamstrings, walking your hands forward. Concentrate your awareness in the pelvic area and the hamstrings. Be gentle on the pelvis in your mind.

Butterfly Position (Baddhakonasana)

Still seated on the floor, bend your knees and bring the soles of the feet together in front of you. Flap the knees up and down a little like butterfly wings, but do not force them . You ought to be comfortable in this pose. This is another pose that opens up and stimulates the pelvic area.

Pigeon Pose

There are several variants of the pigeon position. It is best to learn this pose with an instructor to prevent mistakes that might damage your hips or knees.

It is important to check with both your physician and a yoga instructor before practicing yoga when you are pregnant. Inform your yoga instructor that you desire to practice yoga for fertility and he or she may suggest more poses.

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