Yoga for Beginners with Kanta Barrios – Yoga Class

To purchase full DVD or download, please visit or visit Amazon at: Yoga for Beginners: Gentle Poses For Strength, Flexibility & Relaxation Discover a new way to re-connect with your body, calm your mind and soothe your spirit. Yoga for Beginners is a complete introduction to Yoga practice, providing a powerful yet non-threatening means for people of any age to get in shape while cultivating balance and health. Instructor Kanta Barrios guides you through a safe and effective program to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve your general health and sense of well-being. Filmed on a beautiful and healing location in the Canary Islands, Yoga for Beginners consists of four sequences that can be practiced on their own or conjunction with one another. It offers a comprehensive practice that will renew, invigorate and strengthen both body and mind. 1. Warm-Up Sequence Begin by building awareness of your breath, body and mind. You may practice this warm-up sequence before the others or on its own — even while taking a short break from the computer. A fantastic way to relax your mind and invigorate your body. 2. Standing Poses Standing Poses increase strength and flexibility. As you practice them, focus your awareness on the breath. These poses revitalize and energize your entire body, tone and strengthen muscle, encourage weight loss and help correct your posture. 3. Sitting Poses This series of poses will firm and tone your leg
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