Yoga for beginners.. The way of the Yogi..

Yoga for beginners.. The way of the Yogi..

Article by Gordon & Pam Smith

Yoga for beginners… The Way of the YogiYoga represents the ideal that is a calm disposition in the face of adversity, flexibility and good health, with the ability to calmly adjust when things go wrong. A Yogi is generally optimistic, cheery and a good companion to have at your side. To look up the popular definitions of Yoga, we find that it has its roots in the Sanskrit language and means Union that is to join or yoke with God. This somewhat intangible statement hints at the highest level of relationship between the whole of nature and man himself.

The Yogi does not live in isolation from all that is around him but enjoys the refreshing stillness of the mountain top, the life giving vitality of nature and the energy of sunlight. God speaks to him in the silent space within, as well as in bird song and the sighing of the wind. His truth is a measure of reality in clearly structured and measured thought. There is nothing to prove, and whether he is here or there he is always at the Centre of his Universe, his truth arising from an inner clarity that transcends the time oppressed world. There is intelligence in nature that unfolds in every living thing, wherein nothing is rushed or forced, and truth as embodied love expresses its beauty and form according to its inmost nature.

The Yogi clear in heart and mind is attuned to the natural rhythms of life, with nothing to prove, his watchword is ahimsa (non injury), and his guidance is directed toward developing the uniqueness that lies within each. He does not force or strain beyond the natural limits, encourages harmonious relationship between every living thing, his teaching directed toward health and wholeness of being to one and all.

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Gordon & Pam Smith have been devoted practioners and teachers of Yoga and Meditation for over 40 years each. They write for a number of websites to promote the joys of Yoga and Meditation to all.For more information about Yoga for beginners click the link or look at our website

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