Yoga for Balance – Yoga Balance Pose (free article with full details about yoga for balance exercises). If you are interested in improving your balance, agility and at the same time giving your body a nice gentle stretch and workout, then Yoga Balance Pose is for you. This pose is excellent for developing full body coordination and balance. If you cannot hold the pose as given, you can modify it by just extending your arm or just extending your leg, instead of doing both at the some time. You can also modify this pose, by taking frequent breaks, if you arms tire. Slowly build up your time to 1 minute and then more from there. Don’t forget to do long deep breathing which doing this pose and visualize yourself stretching and getting longer with every breath. This is an excellent pose for seniors to do, especially since balance can become an issue as we age. Don’t forget to check out the website for more free yoga poses and videos.

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