Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Article by Leon Lioe

Yoga has been practiced for centuries to promote both physical and mental well being. Yoga also has spiritual components that are not normally practiced by westerners. When we talk about the practice of yoga, it is the physical poses and breathing exercises that come to mind. These physical exercises are extremely effective and take many years to perfect. But from beginners to professionals, the results are extraordinary when yoga is used regularly to improve flexibility, increase strength, reduce stress, center the mind and even relieve physical pain.

Back pain is the most common ailment reported. Pain, in general, can be very hard to treat and back pain is especially difficult to ease. Using yoga for back pain can be very effective, but may require modification. Yoga poses may appear to be easy, but if done incorrectly can aggravate physical maladies.

Check With Your Doctor First

If you suffer from chronic back pain you should check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Specifically tell your doctor you plan to practice yoga for your back pain so he/she can tell you about any movements you need to avoid and any safety modifications you need to make. Other things to find out from your doctor include the challenge level that would be most productive to alleviate your pain and any interactions that may result from the medications you are taking. For some people suffering with back pain, yoga is not recommended at all, because the pain is caused by a disease or injury that must be treated in other ways, such as surgery.

After you consult with your doctor find a qualified yoga instructor. Getting a referral from someone you trust would be helpful. Discuss with the instructor that you plan to use yoga for your back pain and share the information given to you by your doctor. An experienced yoga instructor will be invaluable in ensuring that you receive the most relief for your back pain by practicing yoga, without causing further complications.

The practice of yoga focuses on body alignment and awareness, in the belief that every part of the body has an effect on every other part, as well as the body as a whole. Practicing the poses teaches balance, patience and perseverance while toning and strengthening the muscles. Relaxation techniques are used to refresh the body and clear the mind at regular intervals during a yoga session. Yoga, when practiced regularly can affect positive changes in your health, both physical and mental, that you will see in just a few weeks and which just getter better and better as the years go by.

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