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Awaken your chakras with this YOGA FAILS compilation! Let us know your favorites in the remarks section and as constantly, send your videos to FailArmy.com. Cheers!

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Yoga By Ocean Got rid of by Wave https://goo.gl/DVuaA5
Girl Slams Head During Handstand Effort https://goo.gl/pcnJeZ
Wave Ruins Woman’s Yoga Present https://goo.gl/Ga0Q15
Feline Jumps on Girl Attempting to Do Yoga https://goo.gl/6y6evI
Yoga Lover Face Plants https://goo.gl/pTLHw7
Dual Yoga Fail https://goo.gl/fCPeVI
Woman Farts After Getting Out of Yoga Pose https://goo.gl/26YrAx
Girl Falls While Attempting to Do Yoga https://goo.gl/B1lLkb
Woman Falls on Friend Throughout Yoga Stretch https://goo.gl/YODOBJ
Girl Knocks Down Fake Tree Throughout Handstand Attempt https://goo.gl/j7PE9n
Guy Farts Throughout Yoga https://goo.gl/TiLrCC
Person Attempts to Balance on Ring and Faceplants https://goo.gl/vh0fa5
Pet dog Scratches Butt while Lady Does Yoga https://goo.gl/7GzLYB
Woman Falls Over Throughout Handstand Effort https://goo.gl/Ym8Vvz
Girl Cannot Do Yoga https://goo.gl/FIpObx
Getting on Swiss Workout Ball Fail https://goo.gl/PWsPXg
Duo Acro Yoga Ends in Fall https://goo.gl/bfcJ2e
Lady Gets Shocked With Sprinkler During Yoga Practice https://goo.gl/998TKG
Lady Falls on Sister While Doing Acroyoga https://goo.gl/t7FPO5
Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Fail https://goo.gl/GgYNfF
Dog Messes With Yoga Practicing Owner https://goo.gl/Tj7Fcd
Female Attempts Yoga Position and Falls https://goo.gl/IELOcw
Female Falls off Kayak Doing Head Stand https://goo.gl/aqa2kw
Couple Attempts and Fails to Perform Acro Yoga https://goo.gl/XTZSLJ
Pet dog Interrupts Woman Doing Handstands https://goo.gl/emhvJs
Lady Walks on Hands at Work https://goo.gl/QNJdZ1
Girl Falls Off Cabinet Throughout Yoga https://goo.gl/zrOXmj
Feline Ruins Owner’s Yoga Recording https://goo.gl/SWizsb
Person Handstands on Bars and Falls Over https://goo.gl/KOggr2
Woman Hits Self on Head with Yoga Strap https://goo.gl/XV9kqY
Woman Displays Aerial Hoop Failures https://goo.gl/i0FSzN
Women Do Yoga Stunt While Raising Weights https://goo.gl/XPJvwz
Pet Rolls Around In Front of Video camera as Owner Records Yoga https://goo.gl/on77lD
Female Falls Through Door During Headstand Attempt https://goo.gl/2oh6of
Girl Turns over Yoga Partner and Lands on Head https://goo.gl/P7lC4q
Lady Knocks Down Flower Vases Throughout Yoga https://goo.gl/QZG5D8
The best ways to Fail at Aerial Hoop 2: Fail once again. Fail Better … https://goo.gl/4bEnes
Girl Falls on Man while Attempting to Do Tandem Yoga https://goo.gl/P4njyB
Lady Does Yoga Pose While Drinking Wine and Falls https://goo.gl/4oXeqV
Person Tries to Do Yoga https://goo.gl/7SvHXl
Child Bumps Butt Into Mom Doing Handstand https://goo.gl/x4Oe6N
Girl Vomits While Doing Yoga with Buddy https://goo.gl/b12jdL
Kids Fall on Mom https://goo.gl/qQ7cDd
Drone Strikes Woman Doing Yoga Posture https://goo.gl/xV1zlf
Feline Knocks Down Cabinet Onto Yoga Practicing Owner https://goo.gl/rRstaa

Yoga Stops working: I’m So Zen Right Now (April 2017)|| FailArmy

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