Yoga Exercise Becomes Number One Ally To Stay-Home Mums And Dads

Yoga Exercise Becomes Number One Ally To Stay-Home Mums And Dads

Article by Helena Lucas

Staying home with our kids should feel rewarding and turn out as a cherished period of our lives, however day-in-day-out of intensive caring can get the best out of any loving parent. Exhaustion, loneliness, overwhelm, mood-swings and even depression are not uncommon surprise guests of stay-home mums or dads. With your daily yoga exercise as an ally, you can turn this painful situation around to enter the most enriching stepping stone in your life. As a bonus, your loved ones will enormously benefit from it too.

House chores require manpower, yet when performed as an automatic routine and experienced as burden they are unlikely to leave you refreshed, as would do a gym session of the same duration. House work can indeed be detrimental to your fitness, symptoms ranging from tension and back pain to frustration and irritability. Add small children to the equation and the continuous pressure can imprison the caretaker into very unhappy living. As a homemaker, your priority is finding a plan to get yourself extra fit both physically and mentally. Yoga exercise provides tremendously powerful invigorating techniques for fitness and relaxation that are easy to fit into your hectic parenting schedule and- doing yoga exercise together with your kids proves an excellent bonding activity that sets foundations for a stable and positive life.

Yoga postures and breathing techniques optimise your energy levels, enhance detox processes, promote relaxation, and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your system. In between errands, you can use a few minutes of yoga exercise to reward your body with revitalising stretches that will optimise your metabolism and improve your circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, urinary and reproductive (in case you are wanting another handful!) systems. You will get toned up from head to toes so your chores will get easier to handle, and you will have spare power for handling your lion cubs…bring it on!

As you alleviate tension through your yoga exercise comfort eating becomes redundant in your new life. The Abdominal Lifts enable new mums to restore their organs and glands into their correct position to regain their shape. A growing number of famous actresses take pride in having rebuilt their pre-natal figure through yoga exercise. Yoga postures impart unprecedented flexibility to your spine. You will come to feel yourself move with balance and poise as you execute your daily tasks around the house. You will develop your unique beauty appeal and take grace in your parenting activities.

Are you concerned that you feel a loneliness ‘panic alarm’ in your gut while in company of your lively child? As you engage in yoga exercise and meditation practices, this intermittent feeling of loneliness will dissolve to give way to a renewed sense of purpose within an existence that makes infinitely more sense. The Alternate Nostril Breathing technique balances activity of both your cerebral hemispheres to increase awareness and intuition. Your life-views will surpass your present horizons. Yoga’s inverted postures as the Head Stand stimulate your brain and pituitary glands to increase your brain power. Your attitude will shift towards increasing positivity, and with it the saying “…see the best in every situation…” will become second nature to you. Now you can add on value to chore time by counting your blessings.

As your self-confidence grows through your yoga exercise, you will know that you are doing your best to imprint stability on your kids’ lives too. By taking yoga time out for yourself you fill up your ‘receiving tank’, so you are able to continue giving the best of yourself to your loved ones with no resentment showing up. Your inner journey will bring more love, joy and contentment to your family.

Helena Lucas is qualified in psychology and is engaged in the practice of alternative healing techniques and treatments. She has traveled throughout Europe and Africa to care for rescued chimpanzees in primate sanctuaries, always sharing her bed with her two cats Fairy and Aisha on board. Be it in jungle or metropolis, Helena greets each sunrise through Yoga for strength and motivation. To open your life to ancient techniques that will have you shining in no time visit

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My greatest sources of joy are spending time with my cats, living in the ever watching jungle, belly-dancing, ballet and rock-climbing. I studied Psychology at University and have cared for chimpanzees at sanctuaries in the African forest and throughout Europe. I am passionate about animal communication as a means to reach mutual understanding. I feel infinitely grateful for the help I have found for myself and others in alternative healing techniques.

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