Yoga and you

Yoga and you

Article by Lee Sew Ming

Yoga is one of the most popularly participated practices for the modern livings. Yoga which originated in India has a wide spread of influence to the world where yoga is widely exercised for curing both physical and mental disorders such as insomnia, depression and anxiety, back pain, headache and to boost immunity particularly for heart disease.

Yoga comes in varies forms and each of these provides a different means to those who practice it. Satyannada, Kundalini, Anusara, Ashtanga and Bikram are the examples. Finding the most ideal form of yoga to practice is kind of like looking for a dating where you may need to try out a few types before finding your perfect match.

Remember, all yoga will help you to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Thus, it is simply a matter of finding a style that will inspire you to commit to a long-term program.

As for knowing what types of yoga is right for you, you have to first examine what styles of yoga you are looking for. Regardless what the varieties are, the key factor is that all yoga practices exercise the same purpose, which are to improve flexibility, balance and strength. Satyananda is a more traditional form of yoga and includes breathing control, gentle postures, deep relaxation and meditation. This type of yoga stresses on relaxing and is ideal for stress reduction and leading to a quieter mind and more loving heart.

For the middle age citizen, Ashtangan may not appeal you. Ashtanga yoga is quite strong and dynamic and is a flowing sequence of sun salutations and postures. Eventually, you are going to sweat a lot due to the reasonably strong physical exertion. Suitable for younger beginners, or if you are older you should be reasonably fit to take the extreme actions of the Ashtangan yoga.

Bikram is a fitness form of yoga which takes place in a heated room, so it involves plenty of sweating and is very dynamic too. Thus, if you are looking for a more relaxing and gentle form, Bikram may not suit your interest well. Kripalu Yoga on the other hand is more suitable for those who are looking for emotional relief since it helps you gain a sense of self-acceptance and self-awareness.

Doing yoga has become a common scenario nowadays. To keep in touch with the trend, one should choose the form that gives them the maximum benefit and not blindly follow whatever is moving. For the health, Yoga means that.

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