Yoga After An Illness

Yoga After An Illness

Article by Jill Cohen

After an illness, your doctor often will suggest tips to stay well which include both dietary and exercise ideas. Yoga is a nice option as it has gentle poses that can benefit someone without being too difficult for beginners. It also is excellent to relieve stress. Breathing helps the body both to relax and to expand it’s lung capacity. The mind gets trained to let go and this gets applied to daily situations. Many physical conditions are worsened by stress and these include high blood pressure and problems with respiration.

Flexibility is improved by yoga and this enables one to have more balance in daily life. This is also important because having a greater range of motion can help to prevent strains and muscular issues. Becoming more flexibile is also very empowering. When you are able to turn your head an additional inch or so while looking to the side during driving, it is a wonderful feeling of expansion. Also being able to reach a bit higher in one’s kitchen is a very rewarding feeling that often results after stretching for a period of time.

Increased energy is something many people speak about needing when recovering from an illness. Yoga helps increase energy by breathing exercises and the visualizations that enable one to stop carrying emotional weight each day. We often get our energy depleted because we review painful situations over and over again or live in the future rather than the present.

Some of the yoga poses work on strengthening the back. When one does this it can help alleviate back pain because of new alignments and balances. Another advantage is that this can help one have an improved sleep pattern. By working on the body’s tendons and ligaments, joint pain can be reduced and the body will also become more toned.

Yoga, after an illness, also helps in improving your endurance level. Exercises such as Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga keep the body in constant movement often based on variations of the sun salutation. This can be beneficial, though one may want to start with restorative or gentle yoga after dealing with an illness. Some studies also say that yoga helps women who are nearing menopause as it improves the bone density. Adults and children who have ADHD or ADD can benefit from Yoga immensely by learning to control their breathing and practicing focusing. This leads to better concentration at work and school. It can also help kids release excess energy and help reduce impulsive behavior issues.

Always perform yoga under a trained instructor. Learn how to do the poses properly. If one is unable to attend a class, there are dvds that one can do at home which include chair or sitting yoga. This avoids the problems of sitting on the floor that may be difficult with those challenged by physical problems.

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