Workout Plan for Women

Workout Plan for Women

Article by Howard Wilner

Importance of Keeping in ShapeWorking out is essential for all be it men or women. Exercise not only helps you to be in a good shape but also gives you the confidence to face the world with a completely different perspective. Over the years most men and women have become conscious and spend some time daily on working out, especially women who have realized that it is important to be in good shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. Howard Wilner Sudbury, a well known trainer, who has years of experience in the field, says that he is happy to have noticed this change over the years. But Howard Wilner Sudbury says that there are few misconceptions that need to be cleared out, especially in case of women.Common MisconceptionsMost of the women are under the impression that weight training is only for men and that women should not indulge into this type of exercise. And secondly they also believe that cardio should not be a part of their exercise regime. Howard Wilner Sudbury declines these misconceptions and insists that both these exercises are equally important be it for men or women. Howard Wilner Sudbury further asserts that in order to have healthy well maintained body women should indulge in both these forms of exercises.Add Weight Training to your WorkoutHoward Wilner Sudbury says that women should add weight training to their work out regime. If till date you have not been using them, start using them now. Weight training will help you get strong muscles, but will also help women transforming to a smaller, trimmer, and curvier body.Evaluate your Cardio PlanHoward Wilner Sudbury suggests that it is not important to work out for long hours; exercising for less time with a harder workout can be more helpful. Women generally do not like to indulge into heavy exercises and spend time doing light exercises for long hours. By adding an effective cardio plan to your exercise routine you can grow stronger and healthy in less time. Howard Wilner Sudbury advises women to practice all these forms of exercises in order to achieve quick and effective results.

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Howard Wilner is a Sudbury based certified fitness trainer and consultant. He holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Kinesiology and has over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry.

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