Workout Plan for Cyclists Coach Levi, The Internet`s Cycling Coach Training and racing advice for road and mountain bikers So take a sneak peek inside the book: ■ 13 Exercises that will sculpt your body at home Step by step instructions for each exercise (with photos) that can be done in the comfort of your own home without expensive equipment. Get ripped and ride faster, longer, and stronger! ■ Tips and tricks to let you ride outside in the winter. Don’t let cold, wind, and frozen water bottles stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. ■ 4 ways to keep riding when you’re stuck indoors. Four great ways to ride indoors, plus a fifth way that not many people think about. ■ How to build muscle strength without going to the gym. Build intense strength with these 5 exercises you can do at home with light weights. ■ 8 great sports for cross-training that could vastly improve your cycling.. Keep boredom at bay with eight fun sports that will give you a workout without making you get on the trainer. ■ The #1 most important thing you can do this off-season to make sure you’re at full-strenth in the spring. It’s surprising how many people forget this one simple part of their training. … And much more!
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