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101 Ways to Turn Zeroes into Heroes—Using Kettlebells, Bands, Balls and Mobility Drills Helping the challenged, the injured and the way-out-of-shape regain control—and shine again physically Contents include: Sizing Up Your Clients Ain’t Got No Swing if Your Joints Got No Zing: Joint Mobility Building a Foundation: Lower Body Drills Rocking Deadlift Box Squats Figure Eights Step Back Lunges with Kettlebell Contemplate Your Center: Abs and Core Drills Neutral Spine Exercise Power Breathing with Knee Squeeze Suitcase Deadlift Abs and Core Drills: The Slingshot Reach for the Stars: Shoulder Strength and Stability Shoulder Exercises with Balls or Light Kettlebells Bandwork for the Back and Lats Farmers’ Walks Walk Around in Clean Position Walk Around with Kettlebell Overhead Corkscrew Windmill Most of our RKC instructors—and a very great number of our HardStyle customers—are in frankly fantastic physical shape. In the top two or three percent of the nation. And that is what we at Dragon Door pride ourselves on, first and foremost: promoting the highest level of physical excellence and achievement through the most effective and efficient training methods on the planet. However, just show up to the free lesson at one of our RKC certification workshops and take a look at the 100+ unsuspecting victims who volunteer to be put through the mill by our RKC candidates. You will see folk who range from having 200 pounds of extra lard on them—to spindly, skeletal geeks without a shred

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