Winter Exercise: Elderly People should Pay Attention to Some Matters

Winter Exercise: Elderly People should Pay Attention to Some Matters

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It is generally believed that nothing is more important than health. In modern times, sports become more and more popular because it can make the body become health and give people a good mood. However, some problems gradually emerge after exercise, such as sudden death and fall in a faint. It is necessary for us to be careful when doing exercise. In case of you would like to know much about this aspect, there is something you can refer to as follows. As long as you mater the main points, do exercise more or less can contribute to your body.

For some fat people, they could not do some intense exercises, such as swift-running and rope skipping and swimming. Or else, they will make the body feel uncomfortable. Besides, some people with special disease should properly do exercise in the light of the body condition. As to the senior people, they must pay more attention to safety problems when doing exercise in winter. First, old people should sleep well and wear enough clothes in winter. The temperature varies greatly between day and night. If wear less clothes in winter will make people suffer cold. Second, they should not do exercise in the open air in early morning or evening due to that time the temperature is too cold which easily lead to old people suffer respiratory diseases. Third, remember to conduct warm-up before exercise and have a rest after exercise. Old people do exercise in winter morning will feel the inflexible of the joints and ligaments. If immediately do exercise may cause muscle strain or joint injury. Therefore, adequate preparatory activities can relax the muscles and joints and help the heart enter into the state of exercise and improve the blood circulation and metabolism. Fourth, do different kinds of exercises in different time. It is suggested that old people can choose some exercises which high in endurance and low in intensity in winter morning, such as walking and jogging and shuttlecock. Besides, you can do gymnastic and other aerobic exercise from afternoon to evening. Fifth, try to control the amount of foods and at the same time eat essential foods to supply nutriment to the body. Sixth, it is best to select the suitable sports gear to help you do exercise, such as lever and solid sphere. In addition, do not develop a habit to take a bath at once after exercise.

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