Will A Bali Spiritual Vacation Be Good For You

Will A Bali Spiritual Vacation Be Good For You

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In Bali you will find a deeply spiritual culture, making it a choice for many seeking to embrace the Balinese ways.

If you are planning a spiritual vacation in Bali, keep in mind the multitude of things to do. Activities ranging from meditation and yoga to spiritual dances and visiting the Botanical Gardens. A popular activity for many is visiting the many Bali temples. Bali is home to one of the most gorgeous temples in the world called the Tanah Lot Temple. Did you know that Bali is known as the “island of 10,000 temples”? Truly amazing!

For those interested in immersing themselves in the Balinese culture, Ubud is the perfect choice. There, the temple dances and costumes are more formal and serious compared to anywhere else throughout Bali. Ubud is also home to a treasure trove of the best Bali art museums and galleries. One of the most well known galleries is the Neka Gallery, something not to miss.

A spiritual vacation in Bali can include things such as:

learning how the locals prayexperiencing a Balinese massagetrying a variety of Balinese foodeating at Jimbaran Bayshopping in the many Balinese villagesvisiting the Gulingan villagecuddle with the monkeys at the Ubud Monkey forest

When planning to visit Bali you might want to consider a Bali tour package. By opting for a tour package, several things are taken care of for you such as accommodations and activities. Most packages have planned itineraries but are also flexible enough to allow you to go off on your own. Spirit Quest Tours is a company that specializes in spiritual vacations. They offer more than a decade of personal experience.

The folks at Spirit Quest Tours (Halle and Greg) love people, culture and countries. They are dedicated to learning the way in which people eat, live and pray. Everything from languages to customs to stories. Their philosophy is to Excite The Mind, Pamper The Spirit, Challenge The Body, and Inflame The Soul!

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Is a spiritual vacation right for you?

Take some time to research the beauty of Bali and all it has to offer. Learn what it is you want to get out of your Bali tour. Spirit Quest Tours offers spiritual vacations to Bali and throughout the world.

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