Why am I gaining weight?

Why am I gaining weight?

Article by Mike Bunata

Weight is a hard concept to grasp. Especially for women. From Hollywood on down to the “super” mom across the street, weight is something women notice on a daily basis. It is factored into a women’s psyche. I have always found it strange that men can be a little overweight and it is really no big deal, and ironic that men try to gain weight, while women struggle and worry and diet to the tune of millions of dollars a year in order to keep the pounds of the scale. There are a few myths about losing weight that need to be mastered that might actually make that smaller dress size a reality.

The first tip is to add more protein to your diet. Before you go out and consume too many steak burgers, I am talking lean protein here, salmon, baked chicken, and low fat dairy are all in this category. Keep thinking balance.

The next thing to keep in mind is that the old myth of starving yourself is actually more harmful then helpful. Sometimes eating too little food stops your metabolism and stops your weight loss. This is because your body just starts to shut down. An active woman requires at least 2000 calories daily. Consider it fuel for working out and keeping yourself moving. If you are trying to lose weight, it is recommended that you only reduce this calorie intake by about 350 calories.

Eating more often is another key to losing weight. This goes along with the food is fuel for your body concept. If you think of it as filling up with gas (ok that is not a great analogy but deal with it) you are running on a very small tank. A one gallon tank. You need to fill it up often if you are active, less often if you are resting. Remember, food is not the enemy; food is a helper in the weight loss situation. The food feeds your activity which raises your metabolism, which causes you to lose weight. It seems backwards, but that is how it really works and works best. If you want to lose weight, develop good habits for life, and keep the weight off, you have to do it the healthy way.

One last tip that is often overlooked. Always eat breakfast. Within 15 minutes of waking up you should try to eat some type of light breakfast. This jumpstarts your metabolism and gets your day started the right way. I know it seems difficult to digest, but breakfast eaters actually do better at losing weight than non breakfast eaters. By eating smaller meals throughout the day, including breakfast, you give your body sustained energy that helps to keep your body feeling full and your scale feeling less. This combined with an light exercise routine will give you the best body ever.

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