Who Needs a Gym? Discover Your Home Weight Loss Exercise That Will Let You Lose Weight in Your Home

Who Needs a Gym? Discover Your Home Weight Loss Exercise That Will Let You Lose Weight in Your Home

Article by Jennifer Vanderbilt

One of the biggest excuses people give for not exercising as much as they should is because they are not a member of a gym. If you ask me that is a weak excuse, because it does not matter where you exercise. You do not need a gym with fancy equipment and a professional trainer to exercise. All you need are the right exercises and the motivation to do them.

Here are a few weight loss exercises that will turn your home into a gym.

1. Gardening Or Yard Work

Tending to your garden or yard is an activity many people fail to see as an exercise. However, this is a great way to lose weight and take care of your garden at the same time.

2. Stairs

Running up and down stairs not only will help you lose weight, but will also boost your stamina. Running up and down the stairs about ten times a day should be enough. As time goes on try to increase how many times you go up and down your stairs.

3. Use Water For Weights

Fill a container (preferably laundry detergent jugs) with water until it is heavy, but not too heavy to where you cannot handle it. Use the heavy container to do bicep curls.

4. Use A Ball

Sit on the floor with your back straight and lean slightly. Hold a ball about the size of a volley ball in front of you and move it from side to side. This will work your torso and help your obliques. To work your inner thighs, put the ball in between your knees and squeeze.

5. Use A Chair

Pull up a chair and stand in front of it with your back facing the chair. Without touching the chair, squat as low as you can to work your hamstrings and quads.

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