Which Yoga Exercises Should Be Done During Pregnancy

Which Yoga Exercises Should Be Done During Pregnancy

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Getting pregnant and giving birth to a new life is a wonderful feeling. The moment a woman gets the confirmation about her pregnancy, many thoughts starts coming in her mind. Her planning starts and the different ways which would keep the baby healthy.

Every mother should also take care of her health also. If the mother is not healthy then it is not possible to keep the child healthy. Exercises and yoga is very important to keep the mother and baby healthy. Yoga do wonders at the time of pregnancy. Their life during pregnancy should be with yoga.

The advantages of doing yoga exercises during pregnancy are listed below. First of all, it is very good for massaging and strengthening the abdomen which is necessary to avoid constipation. If required, the position of the foetus is to be changed by doing such exercises.It releives tension around the cervix and birth canal. Yoga exercises also helps to reduce oedema which is caused by fluid retention which is very common during the last months of pregnancy.Normalizing in the harmonal level during pregnancy is through exercises. Morning sickness, mood swings, nausea are reduced in doing exericses.It helps in the opening of the cervix which is essential and useful in making the birth of the baby easier. After pregnancy, yoga and exericses helps to restore uterus, abdomen and pelvic floor.It is also helpful in relieving the tension in upper back and breast.

Consulting doctor at first would help in doing yoga exercises.For you they will tell the correct exercises.Certain diseased conditions with some women may worsen on doing yoga exercises.So prior consultation with the doctor is a must.

There are lot many classes where you can learn how to do exercises and yoga that are beneficial for you.Pregnancy classes and private session are there.Prenatal classes are the various yoga exercises which one must do during pregnancy. These are good for both mother and baby and are completely safe. For keeping it private, private sessions are also arranged.These are also helpful to those who have some health problems and so special attention is important for all such expecting mothers. There are DVDs available in the market and exercises can be done at home itself.

Aerobics help in early pregnancy.Increase in the flow of oxygen and blood flow in the body is with Aerobics. Light exercises such as walking, swimming, stationary cycling and water exercises.Increase in weight is a concern during pregnancy.Normally 11 kg weight gain is normal during the entire pregnancy but more than this may make you obese after delivery. Exercises are must to avoid this.

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