What is meditation

What is meditation

Article by Jeff Hudson

Medittation is consciously directing your attention inward to alter your state of consciousness. Theres no limit to the things you can direct your attention toward: symbols, sounds, colours, breath, uplifting thoughts, spiritual realm, etc. Meditation is simply about attention and intention, where you direct it, and how it alters your consciousness.

The latin word for meditation “meditari”, which means, “to heal”. In the western world, meditatation is confused with “relaxtion”. Relaxtion is a by-product of meditation but meditaton is infinitely more than just relaxtion. In it’s truest sense, it is union with divine consciousness and self-realisation. According to Dr. Dharma singh, currently over 50 million americans or 19% of the populace engage in meditation of one form or another.It would be interesting to ascertain the proportion of people that meditate in other parts of the world. Dr Dharma also observes that the Office Of Alternative Medicine (OAM) in 1994 reported; over a period of 25 years. Benson and colleagues have developed a large body of research on the benefits of meditation and because of this, meditation in general and the relaxtion response in specific, have slowly moved from alternative to mainstream, although they are still overlooked by conventional doctors.

It will not be long before this happens in australia and other developed countries. Throughout India And Asia, yoga, chi gung, tai chi and correspondingly, meditation, is a way of life for a large proportion of people.

According to Dr Krisnan Chopra, there are four levels of consciousness: wakefulness, dreaming, deep sleep and meditation. Meditation is a deliberate way of allowing the mind to transcend, that is, to go beyond it’s usual limits and attain a igher level of consciousness. Meditation is inner wakefulness without the constant activity of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations – pure inner calm and bliss.

Meditation is going within, with the intention of knowing oneself. The goal of meditation is to attain oneness with cosmic and divine consciouness. This is achieved by transcending obstacles of the mind and the body. In deep meditation a person can achieve such single mindedness tat the senses are withdrawn and oblivious to external interferences.

Yogananda (a revered indian sage) stated that prayer is talking to god whilst meditation is listening. Sai baba expanded on this and explains that man has an erratic “monkey mind” that jumps from one thought to another. It is natural for the mind to wander ; we have to train the mind to be one-pointed.

Humankind is the embodiment of the cosmic and divine consciouness. To know god, one has to start by knowing oneself. Meditation is the experience of divine consciouness witin self.

What we “experience” is real, whereas a description of that “experience” is a non-experience, so it is essential not to intellectualise or analyze, bu to experience! However in order to further understand meditation some theoretical aspects of the of the subject must first be examined.

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