What benefits can produce yoga for pregnant woman

What benefits can produce yoga for pregnant woman

Article by Jimmy Rodgers

For many women, the first time they may really start to “listen” to their bodies is during pregnancy. When this awareness grows, most women will give importance to nutritional food and avoid stimulants. In this stage, women would really have the desire to start practicing some form of exercises that will suit the pregnancy. Though yoga is not a regular exercise routine, the special benefits of yoga that helps you to sustain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength, which is an ideal way to manage the changes that happens during pregnancy.

Some women may already have an exercise routine or existing yoga practice and find, quite instinctively, that these styles are not compatible or appropriate to their needs, yet may be concerned that their fitness levels will drop. However, taking a better approach towards it might bring changes in the centre of gravity, weight gain and in the several preventive measures the situation cause. During pregnancy, the fluctuating hormones stabilize in 12 weeks and if practicing yoga, it is very important to things lightly between weeks 7-14. During this period, it will be better to focus on breathing and relaxation. It is wise to concentrate on breathing and relaxation exercises during these weeks. Specific classes of pregnancy yoga are obviously the best option and are suitable for those completely new to yoga as well as those who have more experience.

Techniques for visualization, breathing and relaxation teach various methods to reduce stress from body and mind and establish a bond between the mother and baby. Different labour and birthing positions are explored, as well as optimal foetal positioning, plus various other labour management techniques taught incorporating sound, breath and visualisation.

Certain women do experience several pregnancy conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, fluctuating blood pressure, sciatica, and in some cases, reawakens the body memory to very old injuries. These conditions can make way to unhappy time, especially when women hope to have a happy and enjoyable time. However, these conditions can be helped with either therapeutic or preventive way by specific yoga practices or special diet.

These techniques are practiced knowing the importance of breath awareness. This mindful approach, avoiding jarring and jolt gives rise to a quietening of the mind, which is so important to manage the times when unaccountable fears or anxieties may arise. The ability to “let go” is explored as an essential requirement for both preganncy and labour-letting go of the non-pregnant body shape, letting go of mental and physical tensions and ultimately both accepting and letting go of contraction throughout labour. Few pregnancy yoga teachers conduct special birth preparation classes for women especially for late pregnancy and postnatal recovery for mothers and babies.

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