Welcome to You Do Yoga, the region’s leading yoga school, located at 1319 Main Street in Historic Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Welcome to You Do Yoga, the region’s leading yoga school, located at 1319 Main Street in Historic Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Article by Matt Eshleman, ERYT500

Welcome to You Do Yoga, the region’s leading yoga school, located at 1319 Main Street in Historic Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Call us or visit us online.

Our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone, and we have a wide variety of service options to meet any client’s needs:

Join us today for classes at our studio, going on now! All of our instructors are well trained professionals, able to accommodate any level of experience from brand new beginners to experienced practitioners. Simply visit our website to view the current schedule and purchase class passes with secure online payment. Our studio is spacious and fully equipped, just bring you!

You Do Yoga offers personalized private instruction in all styles of yoga. Come to our conveniently located downtown studio, or let us come to your home or office! If you would prefer to have the undivided attention of your instructor, private lessons with one of our trained professionals would allow us to develop a customized practice routine that is just right for you. If you need individualized practices adapted for special needs such as medical or psychological conditions, or rehabilitation from illness or injury, we have experience creating positive results for people suffering from conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain or recovery from joint replacement, stroke, depression, anxiety, ADHD, chronic stress syndrome, and more! Contact us today for your free consultation.

You Do Yoga offers a unique Yoga Teacher Training Program! We are a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance, offering training that leads to internationally recognized certification. Our current training session is sold out but we are now accepting applications for our next round of training, coming soon! See complete program details online.

With You Do Yoga’s Corporate Yoga Service, you can boost your company’s bottom line and Feel Better doing it. Bringing yoga to your workplace is guaranteed to get your colleagues and co-workers feeling better and working better. We believe that yoga at work not only benefits your productivity, it also creates a more positive social environment in the workplace and is an excellent team-building activity. We have many options for our corporate clients, and we can develop a program to fit your needs. Experience the difference that You Do Yoga can bring to your work!

You Do Yoga is thrilled to offer our annual yoga retreat to beautiful southern Italy June 12th-17th, 2011. Total price per person of 50 includes 5 nights of room and board (3 wonderful Italian meals per day – no one will go hungry on this trip!) and full access to the mineral water pool facilities, daily meditation and yoga classes led by Matt and Anita Eshleman, and transportation to and from Rome airport. We are also offering optional excursions along the Amalfi Coast! Registration is limited to 20 people, Book & Save price discount ends February 4th. For details, pics, and registration information, visit our website.

You Do Yoga is family friendly – our fun filled kids yoga classes are now held every Saturday at Noon at our downtown studio. All ages welcome but children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult. We are developing our Prenatal, Mommy and Me, and Toddlers yoga programs for 2011 and we would love to hear your input, feedback, or scheduling requests. Get and give info on our website.

You Do Yoga is pleased to offer Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. Thai Massage is a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. This style of bodywork is different from what most western people think of as massage. Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor, both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility. Receiving Thai yoga therapy is like doing yoga without putting forth any effort while simultaneously getting an acupressure and reflexology treatment. The purpose of Thai massage is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a state of harmony, providing an opportunity for self-healing. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our trained Thai massage therapists.

You Do Yoga also offers Reiki, a powerful form of energetic healing. Reiki promotes healing and health, it is a technique for transmitting and balancing energy. Reiki restores vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. It gently and effectively opens the flow of blocked energy, leaving the receiver feeling relaxed and at peace. Reiki is excellent for healing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of any kind and gives wonderful results. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our trained professional practitioners.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

More upcoming special events:

“Love is all you need” Partner Yoga and Thai Massage for Two February 12th 2-5pmJoin us for a FUN class for couples, friends and family, yoga practitioners, massage therapists, or if you are just curious about Partner Yoga or Thai Yoga Massage. This class is open to all interested students, no previous yoga or bodywork experience is necessary.The class is designed to be fun and playful as well as educational. Most of the class will be hands-on, meaning you will enjoy first a partner yoga practice and then will be giving and receiving Thai Massage throughout the afternoon. First the basic techniques will be explained, then a series of movements will be shown which you will practice on your partner, with the instructors leading and supervising. We will be working on the floor and kneeling quite a bit, so If you have any physical constraints, let the instructors know. This event is the perfect gift for your partner, or just fun for friends and family members to share a healthy way to be nice to each other. You can bring your own partner, or we will provide one for you.

Matt Eshleman’s very popular Sunday afternoon Yin Yoga class is now held at You Do Yoga’s Downtown Studio. See our full schedule and purchase class passes online at http://www.YouDoYoga.com

Every “Final Friday” 5:30-7pm “Don’t Worry, Be Happy-Hour” Laughter Yoga Featuring Hasya Yogi Patrick Murphy Welage This event will be a wonderful opportunity to experience a style of yoga that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Laughter Yoga is a fun-filled participatory and experiential event, including movement, light stretching, breathing exercises, and laughter exercises – all leading up to a laughter yoga meditation. Please join us for this extra-ordinary experience, and come ready to have some side-splitting, smile-so-much-your-face-hurts fun!

The next “Don’t Worry Be Happy-Hour” happens Friday Jan. 28th and will be followed by open drum circle, live music, meditation and movement 7:30-9pm

You Do Yoga Does Workshops! Partner Yoga ~ Partner yoga gives two people a chance to benefit from the support and energy of each other. Partner yoga can strengthen trust within and without. Partner yoga routines provide a unique way to not only synchronize breath and movement – but also personal connections and relationships.

Yin yoga seminars ~ Yin yoga is a form of Taoist yoga, and simple enough that students can learn the fundamentals of the practice in a relatively short time. A workshop could be as short as two or three hours, but could also present more detailed information and several practice sessions of greater depth over the course of a weekend seminar.

Anatomy for Yoga ~ By understand a few fundamental principles, you can make your personal yoga practice or teaching considerably more effective and efficient, much safer and less frustrating. No latin experience required, this is a practical and experiential class.

Meditation workshops ~ We have experience teaching meditation in a variety of formats. A single two to three hour seminar can be a great way to introduce students to several useful techniques to add to their own home practice, or an extended series of lessons over time can help students develop their personal practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Chakras, meridians, and chi ~ Based upon thousands of years of spiritual science, this workshop attempts to de-mystify the function and form of the subtle bodies. Mostly lecture but also includes simple guided meditations to clarify the student’s understanding.

Reiki ~ In this 2 day workshop you will learn what Reiki is, the history and evolution of Reiki, what Reiki can and cannot do, how to use Reiki to help others and yourself and how to give a full or a partial Reiki session. You will also learn Reiki self-healing, how to become a clean instrument for Reiki energy, how to become a healing facilitator and the basics of subtle anatomy and the chakras.

-Day one will include the attunement to Level I Reiki and day two will include the attunement to Level II Reiki.

If you would be interested in hosting any of our workshops or holding a workshop at our studio, please feel free to contact us by our website:

Feel Better!http://www.YouDoYoga.com

About the Author

Matt Eshleman, B.A., ERYT500, has many years of experience teaching yoga and meditation. Matt earned his 500 hour certification through his studies of Anatomy, Taoist Yoga and Meditation. Matt is a trained Thai Yoga Massage therapist, Reiki level 2 practitioner, a student of Martial Arts, and is an adjunct professor at Cincinnati State. He is the founder of You Do Yoga LLC, and is the director of teacher training. http://www.YouDoYoga.com

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