Weightlifting for seniors – Making you more balanced in your older days of life

Weightlifting for seniors – Making you more balanced in your older days of life

Article by Jason Wellbourne

Weightlifting for seniors – Making you more balanced in your older days of life

The weight lifting has been given a lot of importance in present times. Cardiovascular training brings strengthening of the heart and other systems in the body. Also it brings big results in weight loss but weightlifting can bring even more change in health levels.

More of muscle mass enhances metabolism in your body that means burning of more calories just relaxing. Your bones get stronger and that helps in improving coordination and thereby avoiding injuries. All this together will boost your self esteem. If you are of the opinion that weight lifting is for young people only then you are not right. A little weightlifting by anyone of any age can bring many benefits.

Weightlifting must be part of your exercise regime when you are trying to lose weight. Reason is simple amount of calories burnt to maintain muscle will be more and hence the calorie loss in that case is much more.

Lifting weights by older women will produce strength in bones and other parts of the body so as to give greater balance and coordination in the body. This will prevent a situation where seniors have falls and subsequently broken bones which will make them very difficult to stay at home.

Many times women are worried about the looks that they might have once into weight lifting. If you are not using chemicals for looking great then you might look a bit longer and leaner. You might even be able to show the muscle if arm is curled but its not shameful or feeling bad. With the toned muscles your confidence level will reach new heights.

It is highly recommended to start lifting weights that are light, slowly go for more weight; also the repetition must be increased. You may start with simple biceps by watching television. Slowly with time you can move on to more repetitions and more complex moves.

Weight lifting will make you stronger with each passing days and thus will take you to a fall-free future.

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