Weight loss should be done continously

Weight loss should be done continously

Article by Mohd Hairil Nizam Bin Abd Hamid

Weight loss is something that should be done continuously. The first thing that needs todo is identify your goalsYour goal is to lose weight.

Weight loss goals requires you menetapakan why you should lose weight. Know the main purpose of loweringweight can give a good impression. Once you know the purpose of losing weight, you need to know how much weight toyou down. Target the right can give good results in weight loss.

Having established how many pounds of weight to be reduced, then we need to reassess our daily food intake. Try to see which foods are contributing to the highamount of energy in our daily menu. Avoid high-calorie foods that will lead to excessivecalorie intake.

Try to find alternative foods that are low in calories. For example, if you like to eat fried chicken, it can be replaced with grilled chicken or chicken soup. This replacement willhelp you control your daily calorie intake.

In addition, food intake between main meals will affect the food selection is not bad if be done right. Try to find foods low in fat but high fiber. For example, high-fiber crackers,whole grain bread. This will help you feel full and prevent overeating during the main meal.Regular food intake is another factor that helps reduce weight. Do not leave the main meal as it will cause loss of appetite can not be brought under control. Normally they areleaving one main meal would take too much food at the next meal. Studies conducted in schools also show that many teens who suffer from obesity due to leave the main meals, especially breakfast.So it is better we practice eating at regular intervals. This will help control appetitebetter.

Weight loss requires commitment and a change in diet should be continued. Besidesregular exercise should be done to ensure effective weight loss. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day can help burn body fat. Exercise is less than 30 minutes does not help to lose weight. Be sure to do enough exercise to ensure weight loss.

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