Weight Loss Research – 10 Interesting Research Findings About Weight Loss

Weight Loss Research – 10 Interesting Research Findings About Weight Loss

Article by Katie Johnson

1. A thirty-year study published in the American Journal of Urology reported that weight loss and exercise can reverse impotence without medical intervention. The research suggests that about a third of men with impotence can reverse it simply by changing their behaviour and engaging in weight loss, exercise and stress reduction activities.

2. Researchers at the Université Laval Faculty of Medicine in Quebec, Canada found that taking calcium and vitamin D supplements while on a weight loss program lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps reduce cholesterol levels.

3. Dieting and exercise have the same results for weight loss. According to a study by a team of researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, dieting alone is equally effective at reducing weight and fat provided that the calories that you consume and burn are equal. However, A study from the American university of St Louis has found that although both dieting and exercising help with weight loss, those who do not exercise suffer from muscle loss.

4. Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain. A study of more than 2,000 U.S. kids aged 3 to 12 years has found that children who slept more tended to weigh less and than those who slept less. Lack of sleep has also been linked to more weight in adults, too.

5. Weight loss improves heart function in people who are obese. A study by the University of Queensland in Australia has shown that people who are obese can reverse some early heart and blood vessel dysfunction by adopting a healthy lifestyle and losing weight.

6. Support from other people is important to sticking with a weight-loss plan. Recent studies have shown that people who diet or exercise with a partner or group tend to be more successful at losing weight and keeping it off than those who try to do it alone.

7. According to an Australian study, exercising using sprints of high-intensity work can help you lose three times the weight of people who maintain a steady workout level.

8. Weight loss reduces risk of cancer. An international team of scientists found that women who carry a breast cancer gene can reduce their risk of the disease by slimming or losing weight.

9. Grapefruit may help people who are obese to lose weight according to Researchers in the United States who also found that adding grapefruit to your diet may also protect you from diabetes.

10. Studies conducted in the UK and in Australia have shown that you can improve fitness without losing weight as you can gain muscle and lose fat through strength-training exercises.

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