Weight Loss Exercises for at Home

Weight Loss Exercises for at Home

Article by Schalk Lubbe

SummaryExercise – Is It Really Necessary? Yes, it absolutely is! Now consider this question: Are you worth it? Of course you are! Then should you not do everything in your power to reach your weight target? Of course you should!

Today’s Decisions = Tomorrow’s ResultsWhere you are today is a result of the decisions that you took in the past. And remember, it is not one piece of chocolate cake that will cause a person to become obese overnight. No, it is the repeated wrong decisions, made over many years, that result in obesity. In the same manner, making a single, “stand-alone” decision to exercise today will NOT have the desired effect. But making the decision to exercise regularly and then DOING the exercise – THAT WILL make a difference, guaranteed!

Remember, you have TOTAL CONTROL over your decisions. Will you use them to get closer to your target weight? Or will you let your decision not to exercise cause your target weight (and all its added benefits, like improved health) to slip away from you?

Which Exercise Equipment?Many people ask this question. What exercise equipment should I buy? My short answer is – none!

And the long answer: It is not compulsory to have an exercise machine. Many people buy the machines because they believe it will make them feel guilty to see that expensive machine sitting in the corner of the room, and that those feelings of guilt will prompt them into using it.

Do not fool yourself with that lie! Just look in the second hand stores how many brand new exercise machines they have. You will be shocked! Once the guilt feelings start showing, out goes the exercise machine! There is only one machine that will MAKE you exercise, and that machine is spelled: B-R-A-I-N. You have to DECIDE to exercise. And you CAN do it without machines.

I am not saying that exercise machines are bad – they are not. But too many people waste their money on them while they have not overcome their mental block against exercising. Once you have formed the HABIT of exercising, then you can buy a machine if you still want one.

Possible ExercisesDo some aerobic exercises. They are a great way to get in better shape and they will help you increase your heart rate, and in doing that help your body burn more fat. Do this three to five times per week and you will soon start feeling better, as well as beginning to lose weight.

What are good aerobic exercises to do?

WalkingBrisk walking for 30 – 60 minutes at a time does wonders for your circulation, and will cause your body to start burning fats. This is something that you can even do in your lunch hour. It will not only help you get in some much needed exercise, it will also cause you to be much more alert after lunch, when everybody else has lost most of their energy.

Apart from the cost of a decent pair of walking shoes this will cost you nothing.

SwimmingSwimming is one of the best types of exercise you could possibly do. If possible, you can also do this in your lunch hour. Just imagine how refreshed that will make you feel when you get back to the office!

If you cannot do it in lunch time, how about stopping at the public pool on your way back home after work for a few laps in the pool?

Again, this will cost you very little.

BikingYou do NOT need an expensive racing bike in order to get exercise. A normal “everyday” bicycle will work just fine. It only has to be reliable enough to bring you safely home.

ConclusionWhichever exercise you do, or whether you do a combination of them, does not really matter. What does matter, however, is that you do it regularly – at least three times per week. And you have to exercise for at least 30 minutes in order to cause your heart rate to increase by about 50%.

Do this for a month and you will see and feel the difference in your body, and your life in general. Do it – you are worth it!

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About the Author

Schalk Lubbe has always had a great interest in healthy living. Having seen how often people go on yo-yo diets, he was delighted when he found this program which does not follow the same old, inefficient advice of so many of the unsuccessful weight-loss plans. Click this link to Find a Better Way to Reliable and Healthy Weight Loss Exercises.

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