Weight Loss Exercise Tips – Making Exercise What It Should Be

Weight Loss Exercise Tips – Making Exercise What It Should Be

Article by Marie Crawford

Weight loss can be a tough endeavour. Many people who try to lose weight find that diet is the easiest thing to change. In fact they find it really easy to just add in more fruits and vegetables, cut out sodas, cut out take-aways and junk food and stick to healthy food options. However despite finding the eating part easy, they struggle with the exercise part. This can be fairly understandable when we live in a world of rush rush rush and stress. Who has time to squeeze in a session when they have spent all day rushing about at work?

Well exercise doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t necessarily have to make a designated slot for it. Exercise is something that is easier to incorporate throughout the day or to do spontaneously than to fit in every day at a designated slot.

Exercise also doesn’t have to be gym-orientated or a sport either. Some of the best ways to get exercise can be chasing your kids, dancing with your kids or talking dance classes. You can take a different dance class every week until you find something fun as well making it more interesting for you. Going for long walks at the weekend with family is also a good way to tackle the exercise issue. Some people use a pedometer and make a target for steps during the day. This means they fit in walking throughout the day, which makes exercise seem less of a chore too.

The easiest way to make exercise or movement an aspect of your everyday life is to start slow. You could start with doing something specific once a week and then twice a week and increase until you get to everyday or 3 or 4 days depending on what you want to achieve. If you incorporate slowly it won’t put as much pressure on you to keep it going and you will make it a lifestyle change very easily. For the first month do something once a week and keep to it. Many people even struggle with this, but once a week really is quite easy to do in comparison to 3 times a week. Then once you are enjoying the once a week for a month, add another day where you slot some movement in.

The most important thing about exercise though is that you enjoy it. There is no point doing it if you can’t stand to do it, it should be enjoyable. Diet and exercise aren’t the only things that contribute to health. Stress, happiness, getting enough sleep, sunshine and fulfillment all include in the health factor. So whatever you do enjoy yourself – that is what life is all about.

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