Weight Loss Exercise Tips For Women

Weight Loss Exercise Tips For Women

Article by James Ross

Women are prone to gaining weight more than men. They have hormones which are associated with their womb and child bearing adaptations. Their bodies are soft and can’t avoid gaining weight especially during and after pregnancy. Modern women can’t afford to keep excess weight after child birth because most of them are sensitive about their shape and health.

Losing weight in women can be effected through many ways to mention diet and drugs but in this particular case, we will concentrate on exercise and how best a woman can use it to reduce weight. Women are delicate and so are their bodies. This therefore makes most gym apparatus rough and unfit for them.

However, there are those gyms which have been adjusted to specifically take care of ladies. Because most gyms may require financial coughing which most people may not afford, it is only wise to exercise what is readily available within your means and achieve the purpose. Never as a woman should you be sentenced to excess weight because you have no money. There are a number of ways to exercise both at home and outside making them specific for ladies.

As you start the exercises, begin with low to medium level of training so as to make your cardiovascular muscles to adjust for the exercise. This will awaken your joints and muscles preparing you for the new change of body activity. As a lady, your lean muscles need to be strengthened for the rest of the activities to work for you. It should be noted that it requires determination because in the first few days you may experience pain in joints and muscles.

Walking to work or a considerable distance each morning before you take breakfast is fine for a start. Make it a habit and if a chance of using lift is available, utilize it instead of using the lift or elevator. Add cycling and swimming as part of your routine.

You may not lift heavy weights as men but you can do with much less weight. Be careful to take some bit of rest in between the exercise training. As time goes by, make sure that each time you exercise every part of your body like chest and abdomen. Lie flat on your chest straight on the floor and hold the ground with your two hands.

Try now to raise yourself up holding on with your feet. This is good for your chest, arms and abdominal muscles. In case you are in a position to hire a trained coach, choose one who has knowledge about training women.

In the course of your training, consider your diet to be healthy and take plenty of water. Avoid fats and lots of carbohydrates which may negatively affect your effort by adding weight instead.

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