Weight Loss Exercise For Free

Weight Loss Exercise For Free

Article by B.M.G.

The scientific research and technologies have made the human civilization the most intelligent beings in the milky way. From the stone age to the contemporary age man has been improving his life style, and physical engagements at our homes or offices are left more on machines rather than in the crude human hands, for the sake of quality and perfection. However this on one hand has made our lives prone to luxuries while on the other hand the human civilization is facing its worst era of diseases that were non existent or discovered before and may be caused by the direct results of lack of physical engagements and exercises. The present era visualizes utilization of brains as more adept means for monetary gains rather than physical labor. Hence our present life style have become a pre oriented time table of destinations, where our time slots are dissected to the extent, that there is absolutely no room left for exercise.

Health experts are of the opinion that in most of the cases of obesity and sleep disorders lack of exercise is the primary cause, hence it is very necessary that people should move around and at least take due interest in performing their daily chores and it wouldn’t hurt to research some rapid weight loss tips.

However with regular exercise and following a dedicated weight loss program like Fat Loss 4 Idiots or even via balanced diet in our regular meals we can at least maintain our existing weight.

Integrating exercises in our daily routine will ensure that we are not forced into paying for dropping the same load in the gym which we already paid to put on. Following are some of the suggestions that are impertinent for a healthy mind and body,

1)Sleep like a baby:- In most of the case histories where people are suffering from acute obesity the prime reason contemplated is the fact that either they are spending too much time before television sets with packets of chips and carbonated soft drinks or they fore go their sleep for the sake of their work. Results are hazardous and irreplaceable with severe insomnia, dejection from the work and depressions. Most of the cases saw people compensating their sleep with irregular or excessive dietary habits contributing to weight gain or intensive weight loss. Thus it is best advised to have a proper minimum 6 hour nap before anything in the world.

2.)Walk: – Experts are of opinion that by walking 30 minutes a day 5 days a week the body can avail the minimum standards set for rejuvenating all the hormones and muscle fibers in the body.

3)Walk the treadmill:- You can also seize a moment of exercise and recreation at the same time by walking on the treadmill and catching you favorite television shows. Cycling is also an alternative if your apartment does not have enough space. In-fact indoor exercises done is a contemporary form of exercise which is gradually and redundantly gaining popularity among the common masses citing the present form of pollution which comes as smog. People prefer to stay indoor and exercise if there are no open gardens around, there are much chances of getting sick while jogging outside on a street prone to pollution due to emissions from automobiles and other industries; than work out for 30 minutes into the secure rooms of our apartments.4.Seize the time:- “I am very busy” or “I am dead with work” and more, these are the kinds of excuses we hear from the people in general. Literally race for wealth has set heath on the back foot,for many of us, but when our body breaks down we realize it was best, had we allocated only 30 minutes per day of our daily routine to keep our hearts lungs and livers perform essential and vital functions for us and for our family.

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