Weight Loss and Fitness-A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Weight Loss and Fitness-A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Article by Mark Aylward

Although I am not a licensed practitioner of any kind, I have spent the better part of my adult life studying as well as applying the practice of wellness. I do not limit this concept to physical, emotional or spiritual wellness, simply wellness on a holistic level. Allow me to define both “Holistic” and “Wellness” as per Merriam-Webster’s dictionary

Holistic-relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.

Wellness-the quality or state of being in good health

If one agrees that wellness is, in it’s most effective form, holistic by nature, then it logically follows that one cannot truly be “well” unless all components of wellness are attended to.

What I would like to begin to address in this article are what I believe to be the main areas of consideration in the pursuit of wellness: Weight control or weight loss, exercise, diet and emotional/spiritual balance. All of these are closely related to all others in the sense that mastering any one of these areas will likely impact the effectiveness of the others. What I mean for instance is that if you have developed good eating habits (diet) then it is likely that your weight control will be improved. Another example might be, if you exercise regularly chances are you will be more relaxed and likely more balanced emotionally. Finally, if you are in a state of emotional well-being you might be more likely to practice consistency in your exercise and eating habits. All of this logic supports the notion that wellness is optimized when it is practiced holistically.

Weight control, in my experience is a very simple concept that most people tend to complicate. This also happens to be one of the main reasons that many people are unsuccessful in their efforts to control their own weight. Successful weight control is a consistent effort to find the balance between exercise and consumption. It is not a magic pill or a magic formula. It involves commitment to finding what foods you like that are also healthy and an exercise routine that is both enjoyable and within your time and energy limits.

Exercise is also a very misunderstood component to wellness. I have been an athlete my whole life and as such have been exposed to many different opinions and techniques involving exercise. The most important realities about exercise are that you need to start doing something-anything!, and you need to experiment and progress to a routine that is enjoyable and effective FOR YOU. Everybody has a different body makeup, a different metabolism and a different schedule. Do something simple to start and do it consistently and you will eventually develop a routine that works for you.

Diet is an often misused term and has quite a different meaning to me than it does to many other people. In a perfect scenario I am not “on a diet” per say, rather I am living a consumption lifestyle that allows me to maintain a healthy weight and feel good physically without having to constantly make major adjustments to how when and what I eat. If a person is constantly dieting it means they have yet to find that eating routine that they can incorporate into their life so they never have to “diet” again.

Emotional/Spiritual balance is a lifelong pursuit that is never finished. To be finished is to have stopped the journey before you have reached the destination. I think it is important to understand my perspective here on emotional/spiritual well-being. My approach is non-denominational. I was raised Catholic and I do pray fairly regularly, but, it is clear to me through observation over the years that different forms of meditation and relaxation can have similar and substantial impact on a persons emotional well-being. Much like exercise and diet, there are many ways to improve emotional well-being.

In future articles I will expand on all of these ares in the hope that I might trigger in some people a new way of looking at something that will have a positive impact on their well-being.

About the Author

Mark Aylward is a lifelong practitioner of holistic living, fitness, natural weight loss and wellness. He writes frequently about all of these topics. To learn more about natural weight loss please visit http://www.naturalleanbody.com(c) Copyright-Mark K Aylward All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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