Weight Loss after Pregnancy – 6 Ways To Get Back To The Old You

Weight Loss after Pregnancy – 6 Ways To Get Back To The Old You

Article by Craig Dunham

After women give birth to that little bundle of joy, they are often in a rush to get back to the way they looked before they got pregnant. Some are even thinking about before the baby arrives. However, you must not rush back into a strict regimen after giving birth because you are still “healing” from the process. Rushing back into a weight loss regiment can do more harm than good for you.

On the other hand, you do not want to wait too long either. An appropriate time span to lose the weight is some where between six and eight months. Studies have shown that it becomes increasingly more difficult to lose the weight that lingers after one year. To get started during the first three months after birth, you can start with some light exercises, and then you can ramp things up when you begin dieting. The remainder of the article will focus on a few simple exercises you can do to get back into shape without putting too much strain on your recovering body.

1. Kegel exercises are a good way to tighten things up within the first month of giving birth. This involves contracting and relaxing the muscles that form the pelvic floor of your body. You can start with as few as 10 a day and work your way up every day.

2. A great way to burn calories that is low impact is to take your new baby for a walk. This is the most simple way to get exercise while bonding with your child and showing him the world.

3. Yoga is another low impact form of exercise that is appropriate for post pregnancy exercise. It does not require any special equipment and can be done while watching your child.

4. When you body has begun responding more after about three months, you can turn up the intensity a little with some light jogging or workouts on a treadmill. Start with small, light intervals and work your way up. Do not over do it on the first day on the treadmill.

5. At this stage you can start doing some light aerobic exercise like cycling, swimming, stair climbing, etc. This is a great way to burn calories and get you back in your original shape. You will want to work yourself up to doing three sessions a week for 40 minutes each.

6. Eventually, you can add weights to the picture. Again, start small and work your way up. If you did weight training prior to being pregnant, you do not want to start where you left off. Just start light and document how you feel to see if you need to go up or stay where you are for awhile longer.

Losing weight after pregnancy is a worthwhile goal for your health. Your new baby will also appreciate having a health mom around because they will require your energy. As you see, it is entirely possible to lose weight after pregnancy with a plan and the desire to stick to small steps until you get back to your full stride.

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