WAP4 GT WAP7 CBC Chennai Duronto

WAP4 24 coach Legend 12616 New Delhi Chennai Grand Trunk express meets WAP7 12269 Chennai Nizamuddin Duronto. WAP7 looks sad due to the torn paint coming off. Corruption affects even these poor mute beings. Corrupt people and politicians must be shot point blank. Even Gods will be happy. 12269 covers 2176 km in 27.55 hrs, average 77 km/hr and technical halts at Vijayawada, Bhopal, Nagpur, Itarsi and Jhansi. 12270 covers same distance in 28.20 hrs, average 76 km/hr and same halts. 12269 departs MAS 06:40 and arrives NZM second day, 10:35. 12270 departs NZM 15:50 and arrives MAS second day, 20:10. I have my highest respect for this Legend train. Tamil Nadu express owes its prestige completely to GT. GT has sacrificed its life for Tamil Nadu express without expecting anything in return, otherwise called unselfish Karma Yoga. Ponder over this – TN express BZA MAS 430 km Non Stop 6.45 hrs Average 64 km/hr GT express BZA MAS 430 km 6 Halts 6.50 hrs Average 64 km/hr You don’t need an Ivy League qualification to conclude who performs a more grilling job. The Legendary Grand Trunk Express or GT, is one of the oldest and most famous trains in India. When introduced in 1929, the train ran between Peshawar and Mangalore, almost the length of the country and beyond. The GT was one of the longest running trains in the country at that time. The Peshawar to Mangalore run took about 104 hrs in all. Later this service was changed to Lahore Mettupalayam. In 1930 it reached its present
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