Want To Lose Weight Now ? These 3 Factors Will Get You There.

Want To Lose Weight Now ? These 3 Factors Will Get You There.

Article by Gen Wright

Gaining unwanted weight is a side effect of today’s sedentary lifestyle. There’s really no arguing that fact. Everyone differs, however, on how to shed the weight.

As one of the liver’s main functions, it transforms body fat into energy. That’s why it’s imperative your liver is always operating at its optimum level. Another job of the liver is to assist dehydrated kidneys in performing. Drink more water and your liver will stay focused on transforming fat into energy! To maintain a healthy body, water consumption is critical. The bottom line: you should drink more water and consume fewer drinks that cause dehydration.

It costs calories to exist. Our bodies require energy twenty-four hours a day, regardless of what we do. Everyone knows that. A lot of people don’t know, however, that your resting metabolic rate is dictated by the amount of your body’s muscle. If you increase your muscle mass, even by a tiny amount, you increase your resting metabolic rate, resulting in more calories burned all day long.

To reap the benefit of an increased metabolism does not mean you need to lift weights for two or three hours a day at the gym. I certainly don’t have that kind of time to invest, and you probably don’t either.

If you’d like to increase your muscle mass and lose unwanted weight, don’t overdo it – limit yourself by starting with just squats and push-ups. Make your daily routine five repetitions of each exercise. They can be done at home and don’t require you to spend a dime. Want more workout than just push-ups and squats, but afraid you’ll need to buy a set of weights? Although it may sound silly, a pair of rocks will do the trick, even if they only weight three or four pounds each.

Keeping your body rebuilding and repairing muscle is the fastest way to achieve muscle gain. That means you need to work everything: back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings, and abdominals. To accomplish this, do you need to kill yourself every day at the gym? No. Let me reiterate: push-ups and squats. Every muscle in your body will be exercised by those two movements (if time allows you to focus on individual muscles, so much the better).

Diet – the last factor of weight loss or weight gain – is also very important. If three times a day you drink a regular sugar soda with a double cheeseburger and large fries, you’ll find it hard to lose weight no matter what exercises you do.

While there is a vast array of opinions as to what diet works best (all fruit, pure meat, all carbs, low fat, etc.), different types of food create different reactions in people. Some people are luckier than others in how their body metabolizes food. What rejuvenates one person is just as likely to make someone else lethargic.

So how do you find out what kind of diet works best for you? Start with counting the number of calories you eat in a day. It’s important that your calorie count is the proper amount for your current body weight. Second, pay attention to how you feel emotionally and physically thirty minutes after you’ve eaten. Are you lethargic? In need of a power nap? Or are you bouncing off the walls with unlimited energy? This is something you probably already know as your body is not averse to telling you how it feels after you’ve eaten a meal.

Light exercise, ample water consumption, and a diet that makes you feel alive and full of energy is the healthiest way to lose weight. If you can incorporate all three of the above suggestions, you will be living a healthier lifestyle – and effortlessly shedding extra pounds!

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