Want to Lose Weight before Wedding- Review Top Programs

Want to Lose Weight before Wedding- Review Top Programs

Article by Ritu

So, the date of your wedding is fixed and you are all excited…. GREAT. But many of you are worried about that extra fat deposit on the waistline or thighs. Everybody wants to look ‘Perfect’ on their wedding day. But in a hurry to lose weight before wedding day arrives they forget the harmful after effects of so called miracles.

Here, I give you a review of some popular weight loss programs along the do’s and don’ts for your special day. It will help you choose a healthy and natural way to lose fat that works in the long run. If you want to lose weight before wedding specially using one of these methods…then please wait till you read this.

1. Don’t ever think of taking ‘diet pills’ or ‘food supplements’ that are low in fat and carbs but promise to fulfil your energy requirements. You can lose weight initially with them only to gain it again with all the possibility that you become addict with a particular pill or supplement.

2. Don’t starve your body with dieting or with rigorous workout. In their attempt to lose weight before wedding some people find this method very tempting. This can result in fatigue and cause harmful effects on your body (specially if done without a trainer).

3. Don’t fall for big names like ‘Hollywood Diets’, ‘Jenny Craig’ etc. They are not meant for normal people like you and me. Stars don’t have any real diets, all they have is a ‘cookie diet’ or some energy drink. They don’t have to work hard like us.

So, these methods are a big NO if you really want to lose weight before wedding. The diet program should work in a natural and healthier way, something which is affordable and effective. Don’t lose heart. It’s not that tough to lose weight before wedding as the time may be short. But here are some excellent ways to lose those extra pounds fast.

1. Do keep a check on your calorie intake. Enjoy the cake or pizza but remember to cut the calories somewhere else, The Same Day.

2. Do some light exercise. You can easily find 30-45 minutes for that even if you are very busy with your wedding.

3. Drink a lot of water. This helps to keep you full and also excrete harmful toxins.

Finally, there are no tricks or miracles to lose that weight in a flash. So try only what is natural and give long lasting results. Don’t stress yourself too much. Just equip yourself with complete info to lose weight before wedding and kick stress and depression out of your life forever.

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