Vital Energy & Dahnhak Yoga

Vital Energy & Dahnhak Yoga

Article by Christopher Hall

Dahn Yoga is essentially a Korean Yoga system and now a thriving entrepreneurship that was introduced by Ilchi Lee. Dahn Yoga is also known as Dahnak or Dahn Hak. As most yoga practitioners are aware, there is some form of life lying within an individual. This yoga form is instrumental in awakening that dormant life within us. The word ‘Dahn’ means “energy” and ‘Mu’ means dance. “Dahnmu” is the dance of ki energy. It is a dance form in which the body flows naturally to the flow of energy. The sensation of ki energy often starts in the palm of the hands. The palm is one of the most sensitive areas that respond to energy. This energy is usually felt or manifested as either heat, magnetic sensation or tingling. It usually travels towards the shoulders and spreads through the chest. There are three main Dahn Yoga principles. They are: Seo Sung Hwa Gang which means, “water up, fire down”, Jung Choong Ki Jang Shin Myung which means “from health to happiness to peace” and Shim Ki Hyul Jung which means, “from mind to matter”.

History of Dahn Yoga

The first Dahn Yoga center opened its gates in 1985 in the downtown area of Seoul. 6 years later, in 1991 another center was set up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following that, another center was set up in Arizona in 1997. This particular center was known as Sedona IIchi Meditation Center that was open to practitioners of Dahn Yoga for a minimal fee. Throughout the 90s Dahn Yoga focused on establishing itself as a business. In the early part of the millennium, the pioneers introduced two new forms of Yoga: the DahnMuDo and Jung Choong Breathing.

Forms of Dahn Yoga

The dance form of DahnMuDo was introduced partly to show the people in order to broaden the aspects of the mind and the body. There is more to it, besides the usual fitness and health facets of Yoga exercise. Apart from that, this form of yoga trains the individual about various concepts and ideologies of how the power or the energy works in the body. It pinpoints the deterioration and aging brought on by stress in the body. It not only reduces the stress and tension in the body, it will extend the longevity of a person and contribute to his well being. DahnMuDo also helps to create and enhance the equal distribution of energy in the body.

Jung Choong Breathing, on the other hand, is a form of internal metamorphosis that primarily focuses on different postures and breathing of the body. It helps to remove the unused pent up energy and gather fresh energy. This energy is mostly concentrated in the abdomen area.

This yoga helps in the all round spiritual development of an individual. It also helps to integrate the mind and the body and also bring many latent abilities of the individual to light.

About the Author

Dahn Yoga is a specialized art form created by the Master Ilchi Lee. Dahn Yoga has impacted hundreds of thousands of people’s lives positively over the past few years.

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