Vedic Peace Mantras – BE AT EASE Guided Meditations with Kanta Barrios –

To purchase full CD visit us at This is a bonus track from “Be At Ease – Guided Meditations and Breathing Exercise for Stress Relief with Kanta Barrios.” It is an ancient Vedic mantra for world peace. On this album you will find a unique combination of breathing exercises and guided meditations as yoga instructor Kanta Barrios leads you along a gentle path toward the attainment of calm. Simple enough for beginners but effective enough for advanced practitioners of yoga and meditation, this remarkable holistic tool is the perfect antidote to anxiety and stress. The different components of this package are designed to be useful both alone and in combination with each other. Even if your time is limited you will be able achieve true relaxation every day. On the CD: Guided Meditation: This guided meditation is designed to free your mind from concerns about the past and future, bringing you to the present moment. You will find yourself filled with light, emerging into a state of calm. Breathing Exercise: Strengthen your mind and body through the practice of focused breathing. This simple, powerful exercise will allow your body to re-align itself to its deepest natural core. Replenish your energy and revive your spirit as you use the breath to center yourself in a space of inner awareness and peace. Each Inner Splendor Meditation Music and Yoga Project CD is made with the utmost care and integrity of sound, designed to induce pure relaxation. We invite you
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