Various Forms of Yoga

Various Forms of Yoga

Article by Ryan Tan

There are many people out there who do not view yoga as a form of exercise. In their opinion, they think that yoga involves simple stretching and breathing techniques. This is quite often the misconception that people have if they are not educated on what yoga truly is.

Yoga is an exercise that is adaptable for both men and women of different ages, fitness levels and health conditions. Some benefits include strengthening of the muscles, increased flexibility, enhanced mental sharpness and even an improvement in self confidence. Here are the various forms of yoga contributing to different needs of an individual.

The most suitable style of yoga for beginners is none other than Hatha Yoga. This is the most commonly practiced type of yoga. It is also the most basic of all and helps to set the foundation for the more advanced ones. It focuses on breathing, basic poses and simple movements.

Kundalini Yoga, on the other hand, emphasises more on movements and breathing revolving around the spine area. It also includes meditation, enabling it to be more peaceful and serene. Individuals who are looking to free their minds and live in the moment would enjoy this style.

Then, there is Ashtanga Yoga, one of the more dynamic form of yoga. This would make a good choice for those seeking a more vigorous workout. There will definitely be more movements incorporated, from the most basic ones to the more challenging ones. For those who disagree that yoga is a form of exercise, this style will make you think twice. However, Ashtanga Yoga is definitely not suitable for total beginners. It requires a solid foundation before being able to take on this physically challenging style.

If Ashtanga Yoga isn’t physically demanding enough for you, then Bikram or Hot Yoga will do the job. As the name suggests, this style of yoga is performed in a hot environment, typically in a high temperature room. The theory behind high temperature is that it allows your muscles to become more flexible. This enables you to bend and stretch your limbs without injuring yourself. It is very natural for you to sweat out a lot during a Bikram Yoga class. By doing so, you will be able to get rid of harmful toxins from your body. However, a sufficient water intake is required for replenishing.

There are still many other forms of yoga available. These are merely a few examples. However, from these few examples, it has showcase that yoga is capable of catering to various individual’s needs. It also justifies that yoga is a suitable form of exercise.

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