Vacation Home for Sale by Owner in Baja California Sur Mexico

You have probably heard of the “best-kept secret” in Baja California Sur and now want to find a place to live in Baja after many visits. You can find your dream vacation home in Baja where stretches of pristine beaches can be found and where you will not be forced to share your stretch of sand with countless others in search of serenity. But, unlike other locations that toute pristine, secluded beach front properties, living in Baja is affordable! Many American, Canadians and Europeans have known the “best-kept” secret. And just this past July Jim Cramer ( the Bombastic, high-energy investment Guru and host of CNBC’s massively successful show “Mad Money”, is reconfirming the secret that many Americans, Canadians and Europeans have known for over a decade. Much more has been written about the magic of Todos Santos, and Applying The Secret is simple. Seize the moment and realize your vision of abundant living and attain the millionaire lifestyle that is in your reach. Don’t be distracted from your vision of pure living. Live a life of transcendence every moment, be surrounded by beauty and abundance. Live a life that you love and seize the beauty, abundance and power that surrounds you. Have the power and magic of the ocean just steps from your back yard. Don’t just attract wealth and abundance. Don’t just keep dreaming. Make your life real. Live your life of wealth and abundance of beauty and power that

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